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Our team of physicians have extensive training in functional and integrative medicine.



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Chiropractic Care for Inflammation

Our bodies are amazing systems capable of healing itself through natural physiological processes within us. When there is stress or injury in the body, the inflammatory response is triggered. Inflammation can come from gross injuries, falls, impacts, accidents, among others. Inflammation can also be triggered by …

Debunking The Myth About Leaky Gut

Have you been told that Leaky Gut is the cause of all of your ailments? Have you been working hard to heal your leaky gut, only to continue to have symptoms? In this week’s episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, join Dr. Nicole Rivera and Brooke …

Moments of Inspiration: Kristen


Kristen has been struggling with health concerns for most of her life. After seeing several specialists, she finally found relief at Integrative Wellness Group. Watch her story now!

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Integrative physician

It’s really nice to know that when I’m coming in, no matter how I feel, I’m going to walk out feeling much better. You guys are not just my doctors, you’re like family and friends.


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