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At last, you found us!

You may have heard of us from friends or family, read our blog, heard one of our physicians speak, or heard our amazing podcast.  Whatever path you have taken to find us we are so glad you’re here.  If you have not heard our podcast, Check out Step 1.

Step 1

Check out Integrative Wellness Radio to learn more about the clinicians and their approach to Integrative Medicine.  Add the opt in for the videos and recipes?

Step 2

Come see Us:  We are located in Belmar, NJ.  We have over 6 physicians and clinicians to meet your healthcare needs.  We have people travel from all over the world to immerse themselves in our Integrative medicine approach.  We allow people to heal emotionally, physically, chemically, and energetically.  Take a look at our comprehensive menu of services.

Step 3

A Virtual Solution:  Not local, no problem.  Our Functional Medicine Services can be done in the comfort of your own home through virtual meetings with our doctors.  

Step 4

A do it yourself tool:  Check out our do it yourself services:  21 day cleanse, cookbook, online program.

Need a Simple Detox Solution? Organic 21 Day Cleanse

Want to just start eating better? Dr. Nicole’s Cookbook

Want guidance on how to get healthier? Try our Virtual Food is Medicine Program