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Food as Medicine/ IWG Style /

An educational program that outlines the tenets of good nutrition to empower you to take the best care of your health.

Who can Benefit from this service?

You are starting to learn more about the quality of your food and the way it impacts your health. You want to improve your energy and well being and you understand that your food choices can create either help or harm these goals. Food as Medicine will give you the knowledge and skills to be sure you are caring for yourself and your family in the best possible way.

How to get started and What do my visits look like?

When you enroll in Food as Medicine you receive four virtual training classes that cover common nutritional pitfalls, how to prep and plan your meals, and how to make smart choices when shopping and dining out. With each class you receive group coaching and Q&A with our certified health coaches to review any questions.  You will also learn practical cooking tools, grocery shopping tools, healthier brands, and delicious recipes.

What about Continued Care?

Once you’ve completed the program you receive a one on one coaching call to answer any last questions and make a plan to maintain your momentum.

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What does Food as Medicine include?


A four session program that will establish a baseline of knowledge and empower you to purchase, prep, and cook your food for optimal health


Meet like-minded friends in the group and receive support through community events like Cooking Demos, Grocery Shopping Tours, and other IWG curated content for continued education.

One on One Support

You will have a Complimentary-Private Strategy call with one of our health coaches to support your specific health goals.

What's included + How it Works
  • 4 virtual training classes followed by 4 virtual Q&A sessions with our trained clinicians.
  • Cooking Class
  • Virtual Shopping Tour
  • Group coaching and email support during the duration of the program
  • A private planning and strategy call with one of our health coaches.
  • Enrollment in the IWG functional medicine program.
  • Email support after the program has ended.
  • Supplements or other recommended additional products.

Programs run for 4 weeks and starts on the 1st Sunday of every month.

  • 1 virtual classes per week for 4 weeks
  • 1 virtual Q&A per week to discuss content
  • Meal Plan + Recipes
  • Virtual Cooking Class
  • Virtual Shopping Tour
  • Supportive Material
  • 15 minute Private Planning and Strategy Call

Virtual Food As Medicine Online Program with Health Coach Support:

Cost:  $149

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