Use your body’s blueprint to accelerate weight loss:

An effective and science based approach.

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Functional Weight Loss Program / IWG /

A scientific approach to weight loss using advanced lab testing to find the root cause to your weight gain. Accelerating weight loss with custom meal plans and supplements based on your body’s blueprint.

Who can benefit from this service?

You are someone who has tried diets, cleanses, supplements, shakes and is still struggling with weight loss. You are looking to learn more about your body and what types of foods and supplements will help you to accelerate weight loss. You want a whole-istic approach that allows you to understand the source of your weight gain or inability to lose weight. So you schedule your initial consultation and exam with Functional Nutritionist Brooke.

How do I get started and what do my visits look like?

You give Brooke the details of your health history, dietary habits, medications, supplements, and sleep patterns. She recommends in-depth laboratory analysis that includes a blood work and Autonomic Response Testing (yes, you can use your insurance for the blood work).

You meet Brooke about 7-10 days later to review all of your results. She explains the root cause for your weight gain and gets you rolling with a custom diet plan, supplements, and other lifestyle recommendations.

What about continued care?

You will be provided with a schedule for Infrared Sauna Sessions and Nutritional Follow Ups. You also have access to recipes, online support, a super secret Q&A forum, a state of the art online membership portal, cooking demos, and shopping tours.

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What's included + how it works
  • Initial Consultation (60 Mins) + Report of Findings (90 mins) with Functional Medicine Nutritionist Brooke
  • 4 Follow up session over 6 months
  • Comprehensive Weight Loss Lab Analysis
  • 2 Autonomic Response Testing visits
  • 18 Infrared Sauna Sessions
  • Custom Weight Loss Supplement Plan
  • Customized Weight Loss Meal Plan, Shake Recipes, Meal Recipes
  • Private Shop to Reorder Supplements
  • Free Shipping on Supplements

In most cases, FSA/HSA dollars may be applied to tests and services.

  • Supplements: members may choose to purchase through IWG or other retailers
  • Laboratory test costs: Most lab tests are fully or partially covered by your health insurance plan

1st Visit: Case Review Consultation

Prior to the consultation, Brooke will review your New Patient Paperwork (including your medical history, diet and supplement survey and assessment forms) and relevant prior lab work.

The Case Review Consultation Includes:

  • A 60-minute evaluation
  • A thorough review of your medical history and relevant previous lab work (10 page limit)
  • A review of your current diet and nutritional supplements
  • A detailed body systems assessment.

Recommended Laboratory Analysis

Most patients begin with the following Labs*, which provide an in-depth look into your body

Comprehensive blood chemistry panel.

*Labs can be put through insurance if you have appropriate coverage. We also have a drastically discounted Cash price for testing.

2nd Visit: Report of Findings Consultation

The Report of Findings Consultation (90 mins) consists of three parts:

  1. Review of Lab Testing Results.
  2. Explanation of the underlying patterns that are contributing to your symptoms.
  3. Outline of your Custom Care Plan for the initial phase of healing, including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Cost: $2597


Getting Healthy is a Family Affair!

Did you know that IWG offers family discounts?

  • 2-3 Family Members – 15% off services
  • 4+ Family Members- 20% off services

Insurance & Pricing- We got you covered! (no pun intended)

FSA’s and HSA’s are accepted at IWG.

You are also able to receive reimbursement with Out-of Network coverage for visits at IWG.  The front desk will assist in the proper documentation maximize your reimbursement.

Worried about insurance?  Ask us about Liberty Healthshare.

Most laboratory analysis will go through your insurance since we will use your in-network labs, such as Labcorp and Quest, for select testing.  Any necessary imaging, such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRIs, will also go through your insurance by using an imaging center that accepts your insurance.

IWG offers interest Free payment plans for any services!

It is your responsibility to inquire about your coverage for CPT Codes:

Preventative Medicine Initial Evaluation of New Patient (by age)

Under 1 Year 99381
1-4 99382
5-11 99383
12-17 99384
18-39 99385
40-64 99386
65 and over 99387

Preventative Medicine Periodic Re-evaluation—all Follow Ups (by age)

Under 1 Year 99391
1-4 99392
5-11 99393
12-17 99394
18-39 99395
40-64 99396
65 and over 99397

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