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Hi, we are the team innovating healthcare

IWG was founded on nothing more than passion, perseverance, a laptop, and a vision.  Our doctors pressed the envelope by challenging conventional approaches, asking better questions, learning from the best, and knowing that not everything matches the textbook. They rose to the occasion every time a patient hit a plateau, for every void, there was an evolution that took IWG from functional medicine to integrative medicine.

Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole are proud to have created a wellness experience that is on the cutting edge of healthcare that transforms the lives of thousands.

Providing Concierge Telehealth

powered by DNA Testing

Yes, we provide you with solutions.  Yes, we give you access to the most cutting edge technologies on the planet.  Yes, we provide you unbiased physician expertise that has been compiled through years of training. Yes, we see people transform their lives and regain their health with our integrative protocols.  

We work with entrepreneurs and busy professional families using a holistic and integrative approach.

Meet with our team in the comfort of your own home.  Our digital platform allows you to get quick responses from your healthcare team.

Root Cause Medicine powered by DNA Testing

We have bridged eastern and western medicine to bring you an approach that you have not experienced anywhere else. 

Personalized Protocols + Concierge Support

We do not guess, we test.  Our protocols are personalized down to the DNA level which allows you to experience precision medicine.

Oh, and there are puppies.

The Healing comes to your Home.

We have crafted what we call Home Healthcare in a Box which is a box of state of the art equipment that is sent to your home to detox and heal under the direction of our physicians.


Be Immersed in hands-on care.

We offer hands-on integrative care in our amazing immersions in Isle of Palms, SC.  We offer your own personal wellness suite, hands-on care, organic farm to table meals, mindset work, while enjoying the beautiful beaches of the island.  This option includes your food, care, and accomodations.

We Don't Guess. We Test.

Stop wasting your precious assets, time and money.  Take the guessing out of your health and leave the rest to us.

Our doctors work with a variety of specialty labs to complete allergy testing, autoimmune neurological testing, nutrient testing, stool testing, mold testing, lyme disease and other infectious disease testing, and more.

IWG also prides itself on the  diverse tests that look at the physical body, the DNA, blood chemistry, neurotransmitters, human behavior, and mental health.  

We are bridging the gap between eastern and western medicine while building trust with our members.

Comprehensive Blood Testing

Our doctors begin with a comprehensive blood draw, which is oftentimes covered by insurance.

Specialty Testing

Our doctors use varies tests from companies like Vibrant America, Microbiology Dx, DNA Connexions, Doctor's Data, and more.

DNA Testing

Evaluating what is stressing your DNA. This measures toxic load, pathogens, and emotional stress.

Integrative Response Testing

A testing method developed by Dr. Nick himself. This method tests biochemical and energetic stress on the nervous system. The test then determines what will neutralize that stress. Hence, creating a personalized roadmap to what will help you heal.

Human Behavior

Meet Dr. Nick, our human behavior expert and executive coach. He helps to collapse the emotions holding you back.




We create breakthrough experiences

We believe that it’s not about what you do but how you do it.  And that can radically change your life. 

Say hello to the new me.

IWG helped me uncover and discover the root cause(s), they provided the therapies, the consulting, coaching, the inspiration and the supplement recommendations. As well as an amazingly inspiring atmosphere to begin healing.

I truly love those people and I am so grateful to them. For me they have been a God sent professional team as well as a family of people whom I have had the privilege to get to know personally and to share part of my life journey with.


25 pounds of body fat and inflammation gone. Now running 8 minute miles. I have greatly increased overall body strength, flexibility, balance and centeredness.

A complete shift in my thinking and approach to living well has taken place. A new dedication to discipline and routine has been established.

This is my life now and will be a foundation for stability and endurance for every pursuit and call I may follow. To be well physically, mentally and emotionally is no small part of our total well being in life.

Yes it was incredibly challenging. But I am so glad my future doesn’t hold dependency on medications and lifelong symptom management. To be fully informed is to be fully armed and equipped.

This is my story anyway. I hope this somehow inspires you to dig deep and make change in your life. You’re worth it and you can do it. Don’t wait – start today!


Dr. Nicole breaks down the unique IWG process that is creating transformations around the world

It is your turn for a transformation