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After completing my Functional Medicine program at IWG, I felt so much better than I had in years but there were still some lingering symptoms. I still had some brain fog and also struggled with reading & learning comprehension. I was not always sleeping through the night and still felt tired/low energy by the end of each day. As a full time student who also works full time, I really wanted (needed!) to address these issues.

After completing the Brain Health program, I have eliminated my brain fog and low energy! I now feel as if I maintain the same energy level throughout the entire day that I start with in the morning. My ability to comprehend during both study & work has greatly improved as well.  I can’t thank IWG enough for developing this program!


Functional Medicine & Brain Health Patient

“It all starts with  you…”

At IWG, we believe that there is a cause for every effect which means there is an answer to your array of symptoms.  Most importantly, there is a solution to your cause which will allow you to heal and have the knowledge to prevent it from arising in the future.

Fundamentally, we believe that no matter what your health challenges are, you have the power to be the key player in your health destiny, by doing so, you’ll change your life.