Adding Health to Your Life and Money to Your Pocket

Is it time to treat your life like a big business? Corporations are smart and are constantly taking inventory of data surrounding saving money and increasing productivity in order to maximize profits. Recently, many corporations have evolved and added prevention and wellness care for their employees. They have found that it is too painful of a loss both monetarily as well as in productivity to wait until their employees have developed health problems. I think this is a great lesson not only to be learned but to take action upon in our own lives to add more health, energy, and productivity to our lives while actually keeping more money in our savings or pocket. Participating in a wellness program has been proven to produce these results in a sustainable manner.


Motion is life, and our health is dependent on healthy motion to feed the brain.  Proprioception, our body’s awareness of itself in space is one of the best “nutrients” for the brain and nervous system. The health of your nervous system is incredibly important as it is the major communicator between all the systems of the body. The health of your nervous system helps you manage stress properly as well as interact with your relationships and environment.


It sounds too simple and easy to be true but walking has been proven more than any other exercise to be the most beneficial movement for your nervous system. Walking briskly not only helps increase proprioception, increase lymph and blood circulation, but also helps to balance the brain.  


Motion is life, and our health is dependent on healthy motion to feed the brain.  When we don’t have healthy motion, we can send unhealthy patterns of information to the brain, nervous system, and skeletomuscular system that in turn creates a cascade of problems.  When our body isn’t moving properly we usually think of it as simply causing pain but it is rarely a first symptom of the body and this is why corporations are advocating for wellness and preventative programs. When someone is in pain, their productivity decreases, but think about all of the other things that we mentioned benefit with regular healthy motion of the body. Healthy proprioception feeds the brain and in contrast, lack of movement can lead to brain fog, decreased stress responses, poor decisions, and poor communication in your relationships and environment that will create a feedback loop that increases our stress level to fire our sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system. This is not a state we want to be existing in on a regular basis. What else does poor or lack of movement cause?  It decreases our lymph flow and blood circulation so we aren’t able to detox harmful chemicals and toxins that we eat, drink, or breath in throughout the day. It causes a decrease of oxygen and nutrients being transported throughout the systems of the body. All of this increases inflammation, stress, pain, brain fog, and leads to a loss of performance, health, and money. So what are corporations proposing that their employees receive to prevent this and add performance, health, and money?


Corporations are recommending structural bodywork in two main forms. Muscular care and joint care. When muscles are tight and angry, they pull on joints causing them to be misaligned as well as stress our fascial system that contains a lot of our lymph. When joints are out of alignment they cause stress on our muscular system. These issues create a lot of stress for our brain and nervous system. The Physical Medicine program at Integrative Wellness Group evaluates all of these systems and provides solutions to increase your overall health and wellness by not just getting rid of a pain or problems but deciphering the cause and bringing out the best in your body. This specialized chiropractic process works on fascia, muscles, meridian points and other energetic lines, the spine and other extremity joints, and of course your nervous system in order to add health and life to your every day.  At IWG, our goal is to always help you achieve yours. We would be delighted to help you move into and continue living your best life. We invite you to call us for a free 15 min consultation to see how IWG may best serve your needs.