Ankle Pain and Swelling- A Case Study

Condition: Left Ankle Pain And Swelling

Symptoms: 68-year old male presented ankle pain and swelling one month after a sprain to the left ankle. He presented with a walking boot he had been using since the sprain. He has noticed difficulty walking due to the boot and increased discomfort in the right hip. He describes the pain as intermittent shooting and sharp pain with tightness and swelling in the ankle. On a scale of 0-10, he rates the pain a 4 out of 10.

Findings: Upon examination misalignments and dysfunction of the left knee, ankle and foot were found. There were also dysfunctions of the spine and pelvis found. Due to the ankle sprain, dysfunction was found along the muscle chain from foot to pelvis and spine secondary to the ankle sprain due to the walking boot and altered gait.

Treatment: 12 visits of chiropractic care to the spine, knee, ankle and foot were performed to align the joints of the body to promote healthy neuro motor patterns and communication to help correct the altered gait and relieve discomfort as he walks. Myofascial work was performed to break up scar tissue in the foot, ankle, and knee. Therapeutic taping was provided to support and heal the area and help lower any swelling and inflammation. There were 8 sound wave sessions to the ankle to break up scar tissue, promote cellular healing, and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Conclusion: After care he reported a decrease in tightness and swelling with occasional pain at the left ankle. He rated the discomfort at worse a 1 out of 10. He is able to remain active with minimal pain and discomfort.


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