The Art of Detox: Yoni Steams

Herbal wellness steams are regularly used in Korean culture to help to improve reproductive health, balance hormones, improve digestion, improve kidney function, and maintain liver function. At IWG our functional medicine practitioners will choose a custom blend of herbs to assist in meeting your wellness goals.

Korean cultures use yoni steams traditionally in medicine and have lower rates of disease and inflammatory conditions. According to a study on the Vaginal Micro-biome, “The Vaginal microbiota form a mutually beneficial relationship with their host and have a major impact on the entire body with health and disease”(Microbiol, 2012). Yoni steams are respected by healers in Korean cultures as they utilize the wisdom of plant medicine. Two of the most common ways to utilize wellness steams are for reproductive and digestive health.

So how does it all work?

The tissues of the vagina are very absorbent and when the warmth of the steam hits the vaginal region it opens up. Medicinal herbs are carried through the steam to the skin and enter through the vagina. The steam is absorbed into the uterus, the vaginal microbiota, and the blood stream promoting different medicinal benefits depending on the herbal remedy.

Dysmenorrhea, or painful periods, affect approximately 85% of the female population. Yoni Steams work specifically to revive the uterus and resolve discomfort often associated with menstruation. Dysmenorrhea is never “the luck of the draw” and often has to do with an underlying infection in the tissue of the uterus. Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common conditions that affect the reproductive organs which is caused by an interruption of homeostasis in the vaginal microbiome. There are many herbs which are used in the yoni steam for different pathologies. Calendula flowers contain a large amount of flavonoids which will help relax muscles and blood flow easing menstruation. Marjoram is an herb that benefits reproductive health by balancing hormones.

Herbal wellness steams are not only beneficial for the reproductive system but for digestion as well. When the steam enters through the vaginal region it promotes circulation to the whole pelvic region. Yoni steams can help to stimulate digestion, treat hemorrhoids, and help with constipation. Mugwort is the most common used herb to treat the digestive tract. Mugwort aids in digestive functions, supports the stomach, and eases indigestion. Black walnut leaf tones and heals inflamed intestinal tissue.  

Yoni steam create a steaming effect with medicinal herbs to promote a healthy reproductive and digestive system. You sit and relax while the steam restores your body.



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