Balance Your Blood Sugar With This Keto and Paleo-Friendly Recipe From Dr. Nicole

I have worked with many patients that have had abnormal blood sugar levels, which doesn’t only mean pre-diabetic or diabetic; it also means low blood sugar. 


Let’s unpack this thought…


You wake up, and you’re not really hungry, you may even be nauseous…so instead of grabbing food, you go right for a cup of coffee. The coffee will suppress your appetite, so you may not have your first meal until later in the morning or even in the afternoon.


At this point, you are starving!


So, you grab for something, usually a carbohydrate-based food such as a sandwich, sushi, or pizza. Intuitively, your body wants that carbohydrate. Soon after, your blood sugar spikes, and then you are inevitably going to crash. So…you grab for your mid-day coffee, matcha or favorite caffeinated beverage. 

Soon after, you’re going to eat dinner and then go for a sweet treat. 


If this sounds like a typical day for you, you may be walking around with abnormal blood sugar. 

Which is posing stress on your cardiovascular system. 


There are few things you can do to get your body back on track, but let’s start with breakfast.

You want to start your day off with some protein and fats and give some love to your blood sugar.

Here is a recipe that I love to start my day with! Bon Appetit! 


Zataar Ground Turkey Topped with Labne ( a popular Middle Eastern soft cheese made from strained yogurt) and Avocado


  • Add oil of choice to a pan on medium heat. We like to use good quality avocado oil or olive oil. Cook down ½ onion and a few cloves of garlic
  • Add ground turkey and seasoning- Zataar spice blend, add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Break up ground turkey until browned and cooked completely through.
  • Scoop ground turkey into a bowl, top with a generous scoop of the labne, and a half of avocado.
  • Finish with a pinch of Zataar spice.


That’s it! This is a simple, easy, super satisfying (and healthy) breakfast. Starting your day with this will keep you fuller, longer, and keep that blood sugar happy!