Along the Continuum: A Pregnancy Model of C.A.R.E.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in any family’s life, and can be a joyous experience, sometimes positive, sometimes stressful. Working with this population, I have noticed patterns arise and would like to offer an alternative outlook on care.

Very often, once a family discovers that they are pregnant, this is the time they decide to make some changes towards a healthier lifestyle for the sake of their new baby developing within mom’s womb. Along with this, there are a lot of questions that may not be answered by their practitioners unless they are probed. Navigating the system of where to go, classes to take, scans and tests, what it all means, how to prepare, what to do after baby comes along, and so much more can seem overwhelming, especially if this is your first time.

Ideally, to have the happiest, healthiest pregnancy and birth, you want to start planning and making changes before you even start “trying.” The growth, development, and health of you new baby is going to be effected based on the environment that is established before it is conceived, not necessarily based solely on the environment after conception. Your physical, nutritional, and emotional state are all extremely important factors that contribute to the wellness of your baby. We want to make sure these are all in a harmonious balance so the stage is set. So, I’d like to offer you what I would like to call my Model of C.A.R.E.:

C: Chiropractic and Craniosacral therapy before and during pregnancy have been shown not only in my experience, but also in other clinical settings to be valuable to not only the physical structure and alignment of the pelvis, but also the physiologic capacity to allow proper development of the baby. Specific Chiropractic technique called the Webster Technique is utilized to maintain proper alignment on the pelvis as well as release any pelvic ligament stress to allow for the best position of the baby during pregnancy, labor, and birth. Craniosacral therapy is an excellent addition to this allowing for the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to circulate effectively, providing your body, as well as your baby’s, most optimal healing potential.

A: Assistance and Advice through consultations and in conjunction with your appointments will provide you with your best options to have the best birth that you are seeking. When it comes to proper nutrition and prenatal supplements, it is very important to find the highest quality products and brands. As a part of this continuum, it is a vital piece of the puzzle that is added to the package ensuring you are in tip top shape. Offering assistance about what questions you may want to ask your other providers, what answers to look for, being familiar with hospital protocols, interventions, scans, tests, alternatives, creating a birth plan and navigating the path is all part of the model I use to support my clients every day. Unfortunately, I hear all the time that “No one ever mentioned that to me,” or “That makes so much sense, why didn’t they ask me this?” Among other questions I frequently receive, it gives me the opportunity to fill in the gaps that may otherwise be left open.

R: Resources and Referrals are always provided as your birth team should consist of more than one person. Having a trustworthy group of practitioners and providers in order to guide you to specific classes and therapies will add to your confidence as a parent when it comes time to prepare for conception, during pregnancy and birth, as well as postnatally. As a part of your team, everyone will work together to ensure your best outcome.

E: Exercises for the Experience are a welcome addition to the model as pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester is a marathon. Preparing your body physically and emotionally, again, before conception is key. Being strong and having endurance will come in handy while going through labor. After the birth of your baby, the strength that you created is also going to help in your recovery. Foundation Training is one of those exercises/protocols that I incorporate into your visits and show you how to practice at home to allow for the easiest delivery and recovery. These exercises focus on the pelvis being the center of gravity, stabilizing your posterior kinetic chain, easily strengthening weaker muscles, and breathing correctly so that you can have the most beautiful experience you truly deserve.

I have found that incorporating this model has brought an inviting perspective to this wonderful event in life, and hopefully a refreshing option for families seeking a holistic, well rounded journey along the path of bringing a healthy life into the world.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and learn how Dr. Kyle can integrate his Model of C.A.R.E. into your life.