Is Happiness a Myth?

Is happiness real? Is it a lie? Is it something that we can consistently reach for but ultimately will result in self-judgment when we aren’t constantly happy? People ask if you are happy. You ask yourself if you are happy. Is this a poor quality question to be asking yourself? Is this the type of question that sets you up for defeat, self-judgment, and suffering? The definition of suffering is undergoing hardship, pain, and distress. It is something that pushes you down. Is happiness real? Is it a lie we tell ourselves and cling to?


The science of Happiness

When we understand that all creation is balanced and all energy is always balanced it opens us up to a greater understanding of what is. There are many ways to study the world, life, and emotions. Looking through the lens of physics shows us that there is always a polarity aspect within everything -every cell, tissue, organ, and system in the body. There is also a polarity in every aspect of the world extending out into the universe. Every world, every universe, and everything between has a north and south pole. There is an underlying order of balance throughout life and that balance contains both positive and negative charges. Einstein acknowledged the conservation of energy law. He quoted, that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. It is our perception that is out of balance and only sees one side of a situation, person or experience. I say this because happiness is perceiving that there is more good than bad and sadness is perceiving that there is more bad than good. Joy, on the other hand, tends to be more balanced as joy comes in via a balanced perception, an increased level of awareness that leads to true love. Love is seeing something for what it truly is, the good, the bad, the sinner and the saint. Love is whole.


Happiness and Human Behavior

I believe that we all strive for holism. We all have that feeling of something missing in our life.  Those lacks and sensations are called voids which end up creating our values in life. We are always searching and trying to fill our emptiness. When we take the time to go deep internally, we can get clarity on this and discover our purpose and mission in life. When we are conscious of the things happening around us and within us as well as our emotional reactions to those things, we are given an opportunity to see how we are perceiving those voids. Getting clarity and diving deeper by asking specific quality questions helps us increase our awareness and balance our perceptions, reactions, and judgments. When we do this we go from being polarized negatively or positively into a more balanced state of energy.


How to embrace Balance

If we look at happiness and suffering through a different lens, we can see them as different versions of themselves, each trying to attract the other to bring a state of being into balance. Yes, as weird as it sounds, suffering is actually a version of happiness and happiness is a version of suffering. When we acknowledge this, we can choose to not be happy or suffer but to love regardless. Experiencing suffering challenges us to see the benefits and experiencing happiness also challenges us to see the drawbacks. I am in no way saying that we shouldn’t be emotional. Emotions are a gift, especially when held onto, to let us know that we might need some inner work to do. When we are in a truly balanced state of love and gratitude, we are able to serve ourselves as well as others optimally.


We have endless amounts of information to learn about how the human body, as well as life, actually works. To grow and evolve optimally we need a balance of support and challenge. I want to challenge you to try a different way of using your brain and mind in order to uplevel the quality of your life. For many, being dependent on a pill or a victim of our emotions is getting old really fast. We have all heard the saying like attracts like. What if it is our emotional states that are unbalanced that are attracting to us a similar resonance? A resonance that can either bring us health or sickness, money or poverty, connection or loneliness, anxiety and depression or steadfastness and groundedness. Did you know that groups of similar people hang out with similar people? Wealthy people hang out with wealthy people and complainers hang out with complainers. The body is no different. A sick emotional organ or system hangs out with other sicknesses attracting “friends” like heavy-metal toxicity, bacterial infections, viral infections, parasite infections, mold toxicity, and reoccurring physical injuries.


This isn’t so hard to believe if we think that maybe our journey is to get back to being connected and living a life of love. Epigenetics, as stated by Bruce Lipton, is the study of cellular and physiological traits, or the eternal and environmental factors, that turn our genes on and off, and in turn, define how our cells actually read those genes. This understanding lets us know that we have the opportunity through our lifestyle and choices to change the expression of information being transferred to our cells. We can consciously be applying beneficial stress into our system or reducing negative stress on our system.


It all starts with you…

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. This is the foundation of evolution and becoming a better version of yourself. Should our fundamental goal in life be to make a ton of money, have the most amount of friends or followers and likes on social media? We all have voids to fill and they need to be filled consciously in a way that serves both yourself and humanity. We are all connected to something bigger than ourselves. Call it what you want, God, the almighty, the creator, light, etc.  There are many ideas, beliefs, and concepts of God or Gods and I’m not here to say which ones are right and which ones are wrong, but I am here to say that we do all feel a connection to something greater than us. I think as we increase our consciousness, awareness, and love within ourselves as well as for others, we connect more with that higher power. We have a similar power of creating below in our lives as the creator does from above.

Closing Thoughts.

My final words are to not judge others for their wrongdoings against us or others. This energy does not heal and only creates more stress. The person that deserves the energy is you. Your energy is needed to go inward to get clarity on the voids, the values, your purpose, and mission in life all while increasing the quality of your life through love and gratitude. This may be a new concept for some, old for others. It is my intention to help the world through helping you increase the quality of your life. I love you all and thank you for all of life’s lessons.