Core Principles of Foundation Training

Foundation Training is a movement therapy method and approach designed to empower us as human beings to move and connect to our body mindfully the way it was designed to move.  Foundation Training teaches us to expand, lengthen and strengthen our body from head to toe. This allows us to acquire a life skill and tool to help us feel better every day; pain free; stronger and more connected.

Foundation Training is a wonderful compliment to Chiropractic care as they both encourage our body’s innate ability to heal itself and to be expressed without interference.  They work together to keep our spine and back healthy. They both exist to restore and maintain relief of pressure on important nerves that exit the spine and connect to the organs, muscles, tissues and cells of the body and to maintain healthy joint motion free from compression and wear and tear.

As we align the spine with chiropractic adjustments, we allow more open healing channels between the brain and body.  When the nerve system channels work well, we feel well. Foundation Training allows us to use specific movements and postures to keep these brain-body healthy nerve system channels open and reinforces the benefits of the Chiropractic adjustments.  This can allow for longer lasting relief and results and encourages one to be active in their health and the care of their body.

The core principles of Foundation Training is daily practice of decompression using specific breath work to expand the lungs and ribcage, anchoring our feet, lower limbs and pelvis to provide a strong, stable, grounding base, hip hinging to gain flexibility and strength to the hips and pelvis and the integration of these principles into daily life.  Foundation Training works to activate the body’s largest and strongest muscle chains (the posterior chain) that support our posture, move us through gravity and keep our brain healthy, happy and active. Foundation Training and Chiropractic both can help improve athletic performance, exercise goals as well as injury prevention as it brings more awareness and connection to the body, allowing the body to function as optimally as possible.  They can aid in injury rehabilitation and pain relief by bringing balance to the body by working to correct and strengthen weak links or connections in the body system.

We all have amazing capabilities to heal.  It all comes from within us. Foundation Training and Chiropractic are great ways we can tap into this capability.  This is a beautiful thing!