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The Art of Detox: Infrared Sauna

It’s unfortunate, in the world we live in today, how we can be exposed to so many toxins.  Toxins from pesticides, herbicides, plastics, heavy metals, mold, and personal hygiene products. Over time exposure to toxins can congest the lymphatic system and cause stress to many …

What is Bioresonance Scanning?

Russian physicists have created a technology called Bioresonance Scanning which uses light to evaluate cellular and genetic function of the body.  Research has demonstrated that electromagnetic waves emitted by diseased organs including cancer cells, vary from those emitted by healthy cells.  This is due to …

Is there something for me at IWG?

I was inspired to write this article while attending a local yoga class.  I was introduced to a woman by a friend and she said: “I have heard great things about your facility and I always wondered if there was something for me at IWG.”

I …