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Coconut Chicken: from the Eat for Your Gut Cookbook

Looking for a healthy, gluten-free alternative that the kids will LOVE?? Try Dr. Nicole’s Coconut Chicken recipe from the Eat for Your Gut Cookbook!


2-3 lbs organic, pasture raised chicken breast
1/2 cup coconut flour
1 cup of raw coconut shreds
2-3 eggs
3 tsp grass-fed ghee (may need more)
Sea salt …

How safe is your sunscreen?

As summer approaches, you’re likely going to be picking up sunscreen to help protect yourself and your family… but, how safe is your sunscreen? In this week’s episode of IWG Radio, Dr. Nicole and Brooke discuss the dangers of conventional sunscreens and the top picks …

Bad Vegan vs. Balanced Vegan

I am always curious to know why people end up becoming a “vegan”.  The most common answers I hear are:

 I am against animal cruelty
 I don’t want to expose myself to all the hormones and antibiotics
 I heard its healthier
 I want to lose weight
Eating too much …