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Where did my passion go?

Where did my passion go?

My husband, Dr. Nick Carruthers asked me, “Are you more or less passionate about functional medicine than you were a year ago?”  I found myself hesitant before responding.  I then replied, “there is no clear answer because my passion has shifted.” …

Hormones driving you crazy, Literally

How many times have we heard or said,

“I’m so tired, I must be getting my period.”

“I want to eat everything, I must be getting my period.”

“I can’t stop crying at every Snuggles fabric softener commercial, I must be getting my period”  

“Give me …

Are Americans Losing their Mind?

It seems like everywhere we go, people are literally losing their minds! I’m not talking about just losing your temper. I’m talking about Dementia, a disease that costs the United States $157 Billion to $215 Billion annually surpassing both heart disease and cancer. Dementia is …

5 Tips to Banish Belly Bloat

Here it is! Five quick tips on eliminating belly bloat.

Cut out the grains:  Cut out the breads, wheat or grain flours, quinoa, rice, buckwheat, etc.  These foods can increase inflammation in the lining of the gut which can cause bloat.  Cutting the grains out for …