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Webinar: Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Hear from a patient who hit rock bottom.

Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nick are guests on this fun, inspiring webinar. When you feel you have tried everything, don’t give up hope. IWG provides hope through functional medicine, individualized lab testing, and so much more.

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Chronic Shoulder Pain – A Case Study

Condition: Chronic Shoulder Pain

Symptoms: A 27 year old male small business owner presents with frequent sharp pain in the front and top portion of his left shoulder. This pain has been present for the last 3 months, and he rates this as an 8 out …

Numbness and Anxiety- A Case Study

Numbness in 50 Year Old California Man, an energy case study

Conditions: Numbness, nausea, anxiety, shortness of breath

Symptoms: Client was experiencing numbness in his arms and legs, and shortness of breath. He also complained of nausea and anxiety. He had been to a medical doctor and …

Overwhelming Stress for a Professional

Overwhelming Stress for 40 Year Old Professional Woman, an energy case study

Conditions: Low energy, chronic, intense stress in work; difficulty in important relationships

Symptoms: Difficulty in grounding her energy through her entire body; challenges in several important relationships; health issues including kidney and adrenal problems; emotional …

Slow Business Success- A Case Study

Slow Business Success for a 35 Year Old Woman, an Energy Case Study

Conditions: Struggling to keep monthly income at sustainable levels

Symptoms: Difficulty focusing on tasks; constant worry about money, overwhelming stress and anxiety

Findings: There was considerable energy distortion in her root and second chakras. The …

Trouble Losing Weight- A Case Study

Condition: Inability to Lose Weight

Symptoms: 66-year old female patient presented with trouble losing weight for the past 20 years. The patient was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She was recommended two prescriptions for decreasing her blood pressure, which she was taking for …

Increased Heart Rate and Infertility- A Case Study

Condition: Increased Heart Rate and Infertility

Symptoms: 37-year old female patient reported having racy heart while working out and inability to get pregnant. She also reported a history of miscarriages.

Findings: A neuro-endocrine panel was completed which showed adrenal fatigue due to overproduction of stress hormones which …