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What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance scanning harnesses the electromagnetic system of the body to set up frequency-sequences to challenge the patient’s bio-communication system. The technique uses light to scan the tissues of the body, diagnose, and treat disease. It is based on the knowledge that the entire body is …

A Functional Approach to Mold Illness

Are you suffering from “mystery” symptoms that your physician hasn’t been able to get to the root of? Are you experiencing debilitating fatigue, pain, autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal imbalances, and other symptoms? Understand more about how mold illness and chronic exposure to mold can impact your …

The IWG 21 Day Detox Program: A Success Story


Anne decided to join the IWG 21 day detox program after the holidays to jumpstart her health and weight loss. Learn more about Anne’s success on the cleanse and how you can benefit from our program!

Don’t miss our next group cleanse beginning on Monday, May …