Chiropractic Care: Preventative Medicine and Overall Wellness

Chiropractic care can be beneficial for the body beyond getting out of pain; more specifically back pain. Pain is often a signal our body sends to us to inform us of injury, imbalance, toxicity, emotional trauma, and or build-up of tension that is causing dysfunction. Oftentimes patterns of imbalance are occurring when we do not experience pain.  


Chiropractic care is an amazing form of health care for prevention and overall wellness.  When we can care for the spine and nervous system, the communication from the brain to the nerves and out to all the tissues of the body can remain as efficient and well balanced as possible. Think of the analogy of watering a garden. Why wait for the plants you are tending to wilt, dry out, or even die? This is the same as waiting for pain or a problem to occur to act to receive care. Chiropractic is like watering the garden; maintaining optimal flow of communication between the brain, nerves, and body so that all systems can work together in harmony. 


Creating optimal space and movement of the spinal joints and openings where the nerves exit from the spinal cord into all cells, tissues, and organs is essential for keeping the garden happy and well “watered”. Working to maintain the health of the spine is a way we can access communication with this vital nervous system and adjust and release any blockage, compression as well as correct imbalance so that we may live as clear, connected and well throughout life. This can provide clearer thinking, better blood flow, better digestion as well as better balance and coordination.


Come get checked and build a deeper connection, understanding, and relationship with your body’s “garden”


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