Chronic Pain, Inflammation, and Headaches- A Case Study

Condition: Chronic Pain, Inflammation, and Headaches

Symptoms: 47-year old male patient was suffering from chronic shoulder pain and inflammation that had not improved under chiropractic care. The patient has reported insomnia and frequent headaches.

Findings: The patient presented with severe heavy metal toxicity including lead, arsenic, mercury, and aluminum. The patient also had severe liver inflammation and congestion since the liver is one of the primary detoxification organs. The patient also presented with Phase II Adrenal Fatigue from over production of adrenaline and cortisol. The patient also was under-producing “feel good” neurotransmitters such as serotonin and taurine.

Treatment: The patient was recommended to eliminate caffeine, sugar, gluten, and dairy while maintaining an organic whole food diet. The patient was recommended a 3-phase program. The patient was initially put on a supplement protocol for liver support and heavy metal detoxification. He was also given natural support for sleep. He transitioned into a GI healing phase. He also completed a neurotransmitter and adrenal balancing phase.

Conclusion: Two weeks into the detoxification protocol, the patient reported 80% improvement in pain, inflammation, and sleep. The patient was surfing after 4 weeks of treatment and recovering better from his workout than he had in 20 years.


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