Coronavirus Problems Create “New” Solutions

The Coronavirus has created many new problems as well as exacerbated many old unhealed problems. Foundationally, one of the best learnings is how we “tackle” our problems both individually as well as on a community and global level. 

Are we working together or separately? 

It’s easy to see that in order for an individual to be healthy, all of the systems need to be running and communicating properly. When these systems are stressed and don’t communicate properly with the rest of the body, we get sick and/or other symptoms occur such as pain. One of the biggest fears we are currently facing as a whole is getting sick. 

I do want to point out that globally our countries do work very similarly to the human body and if we want cohesiveness externally we must first master it internally. 


The truth about getting sick. 

Did you know that we only have the symptoms of getting sick when the burden of stress is too much to handle? That’s why people with a strong immune system can move through these times with confidence. On the contrary, people with a chronic low functioning immune system will rarely ever get sick because their body isn’t strong enough to fight off the infection or toxicity. Health and sickness come down to how strong your immune system is. 

Strengthening your immune system can be pretty complex. The strength of your immune system is based on the health of your nervous system and the gastrointestinal system (GI System). Your GI System, more specifically your microflora health plays a huge part in how strong your immune system is. Think about how many people have digestive issues, bowel issues, bloating, gas, and the list goes on. If you have any of these, your immune system is not working optimally. 

The next part is the health of the nervous system. The nervous system is one of the major ways the body communicates with every other part of the body. When there is a breakdown in its communication the body’s ability to fight off infections decreases rapidly. 


Problems or stressors that decrease the health of your immune system can occur in five primary aspects. 

These primary aspects are physical, chemical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual stressors. Each stressor can cause symptoms in the same system or any of the other systems in the body which is great for allowing us to keep functioning but these compensations compounded over time is what creates our bigger issues and a compromised immune system. 


Let’s talk about “New” Solutions.

Honestly, I can hardly call this a new solution as the solutions have been here for a long time. It has just taken a change for people to see alternative solutions more clearly. 

What am I talking about? 

We as a society are being challenged on how to overcome obstacles right now in many forms from financially, socially, vocationally, family, as well as our health. 

Most of the time as a society we are an, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” kind of mentality. 

However, we were pre-warned about the coronavirus and have an opportunity to plan to act instead of reacting out of fear as we have done in our past. We can create as many different plans to serve and balance our needs as well as fears that come up during these times of uncertainty. 

I’m giving you one recommendation to boost your Immune system. Go and see your chiropractor to get adjusted and be put in proper alignment. If you don’t have a chiropractor, please find a good one that will check you from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. If you’re local to Belmar NJ, Integrative Wellness Group will take good care of you! The studies below show how powerful a chiropractic adjustment is to the immune system via activation and stimulus to the nervous system. (The chiropractic patients were found to have a 200% greater immune competence than those people who had not received chiropractic care, and they had 400% greater immune competence than those people with cancer and other serious diseases.) 


Please read below to learn more. Knowledge is Power! 


One of the most important studies was performed by Dr. Ronald Pero, Ph.D., chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute and professor medicine at New York University. It showed the positive effect that chiropractic care can have on the immune system and general health.

Dr. Pero measured the immune systems of people under chiropractic care as compared to those in the general population and those with cancer and other serious diseases. His initial three-year study was of 107 individuals who had been under chiropractic care for five years or more. The chiropractic patients were found to have a 200% greater immune competence than those people who had not received chiropractic care, and they had 400% greater immune competence than those people with cancer and other serious diseases. The immune system’s superiority of those under chiropractic care did not appear to diminish with age. 


Dr. Pero stated: “When applied in a clinical framework, I have never seen a group other than this chiropractic group to experience a 200% increase over the normal patients. This is why it is so dramatically important. We have never seen such a positive improvement in a group.”


Another study from Patricia Brennan, PH.D., leading a team of researchers, conducted a study that found improved immune response in her test subjects following chiropractic treatment. The study specifically demonstrated the “phagocytic respiratory burst of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) and monocytes were enhanced in adults that had been adjusted by chiropractors.”


Life Chiropractic University produced an incredible study from the Sid Williams Research Center in 1994. The researchers took a group of HIV positive patients and adjusted them over a six-month period. What they found was that the “patients that were adjusted had a forty-eight percent (46%) increase in the number of CD4 cells (an important immune system component).” 

These measurements were taken at the patients’ independent medical center, where they were under medical supervision for the condition. The control group (the patients that were not adjusted) did not demonstrate this dramatic increase in immune function, but actually experienced a 7.69% decrease in CD4 cell counts over the same period.


The immune system is affected by the nerve system through the connections with the endocrine and the autonomic nervous system. Chiropractic care improves the function of the nerve system through improving the movement of the spinal bones that encase and protect the spinal cord.

Stressful conditions lead to altered measures of immune function, and altered susceptibility to a variety of diseases. Many stimuli, which primarily act on the central nervous system, can profoundly alter immune responses.  The two routes available to the central nervous system are neuro-endocrine channels and autonomic nerve channels.



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