COVID-19 : Hear From Dr. Nicole- All The Tools You Need During This Time

As promised, below are the links to the Immune Boost pack and the Special Sales IWG is currently offering.

Immune Boosting Packs at IWG

Special Sales for The DeMartini Method and Functional Medicine Basic – can be done in the comfort of your own home*

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*Looking for cited papers and research on what has been discussed in this video please see this presentation from Dr. Klinghardt *


References for EMF Blocking products:


Lambs Radiation Blocking Clothing-Men’s Clothing (Women’s coming soon)

QLink Pendants 

MVMT Bluelight Blocking Glasses


Go-To Supplement Guide From Dr. Nicole

Herbals and Supplements that have been proven to be effective:

-Vitamin C- Ascorbic Acid

-Andrographis – tincture is best – it is an Anti-Furin strategy



-Red Root

-Japanese Knotweed- prevention 1 drop 4-6x day; acute 1 drop hourly

Ki Science: Sweet Annie and Astra Smile

-BioPure  Quintessence



The herbs that have been proven to be effective against Coronaviruses- available at IWG:








HOCL spray used on the face, hands, eyes, and in nostrils– Can be used in a diffuser using a diverse humidifier

Propolis – spray or tincture biopureus.com and kiscience.com

Avoid NSAIDS: evidence that can make the lung involvement more severe due to empyema which is a collection of pus in the pleural cavity, gram-positive, or culture from the pleural fluid.

Fasting and calorie restriction can promote healing: Prolon 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet

Supplements outside of IWG:

Physica Energetics- Temple Warrior

Physica Energetics- Thymus LF

Physica Energetics- Spleen LF

BioPure- Brazilian Green Propolis

Ki Science- Propolis Plus

Ki Science- PropolAir Propolis Diffuser