COVID-19: Update from Dr. Nicole


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As promised, below is the information, recommendations, and links from Dr. Nicole:

Boost Your Immunity with these options for supplements & in-person or virtual testing.

HOCL + Face Mister Combo


Supplement Recommendations from Dr. Nicole + links to corresponding websites:

Propolis tincture inside your mouth alternating with HOCl is a potent antiviral. 

Calendula is a fantastic regenerating herb.

Licorice is very effective for Epstein-Barr and retroviruses.

Scutellaria [Skullcap] extract emerged as a fantastic retroviral treatment.

Rosemary has a great effect on the known coronaviruses similar to COVID-19

Artemisia annua worked well for SARS, so we have to assume it will be effective with COVID-19. It received a Nobel prize in medicine for the treatment of malaria. It’s effective for retroviruses and other viruses as well as Lyme disease.

Andrographis is effective with this virus. 

The main ingredient in Quintessence by BioPure, originally designed for the treatment of Lyme Disease is Andrographis. Effective for RNA viruses and helpful for Coronaviruses.

Thymus LF 

Temple Warrior

Spleen LF

Potassium– if you have low potassium levels, monitor and support this early on. Coronaviruses cause a loss of potassium.

    –> Suggested brands- Matrix Minerals

LIVER: 100% of the virus is cleared through the liver.  Do everything you can do to open bile ducts. Castor oil packs, coffee enemas, liver flushes.  Take Zeobind to bind bile toxins.  


-Alpha Suflex

-Quercetin and Potassium




COVID-19 is heat sensitive.  Slightly over body temp will decrease the body burden of the virus.  (Can also do hot baths and Biomat).  

SUPPLEMENTAL POTASSIUM: You waste potassium with COVID 19 so you must supplement in the form of tablets or foods. A safe alternative is Biopure Matrix Electrolytes or Physicians Standard Quercitin, PotassiumPlease note the heart rhythm contraindications.  


ZINC IONOPHORE: No matter how much zinc you take, it won’t enter cells unless you take zinc ionophores that drive zinc into cells. These include


Quercetin supplement*


–High quercetin foods*-

* Onions (red more than white)

* Cranberries

* Green Hot Peppers 

* Kale (alligator is low oxalate)

* Blueberries

* Red skinned Apples

* Romaine Lettuce

* Pears

* Pomegranate



This is the time to turn your wifi off at night – at the very least.