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We want to make healing easy. So we have equipped our practice with a digital portal that allows you to access support, your lab results, and electronic medical records.
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Our Supplement & Medical Technology Affiliates

LightPath LED Infrared Red Lights

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Microbiome Labs

Uniquely Focused, Hight Quality Gut Health Supplements.

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Physician's Standard

High Quality and Pure supplements.

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Zetpil Nutrition

The home of unique topicals and medical-grade suppositories.


PEMF Device
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Custom Homeopathic Blends for an array of conditions


High quality supplements endorsed by Dr. Klinghardt

Energy Bits

The home of pure Chlorella & Spirulina.

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Sunlighten Saunas

Infrared Sauna for Detox Benefits:

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Designs for Health

Designing a well world.

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The 5-Day
Fasting Mimicking Diet
by Dr. Longo.

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Ionized Detox Foot Baths for

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"Leveraging technology in the healthspace is advancing how medicine is being done."
Dr. Nicole rivera
Integrative Doctor