Our Custom Portal

We want to make healing easy. So we have equipped our practice with a digital portal that allows you to access support, your lab results, and electronic medical records.

evolving healthcare

Our Supplement Affiliates

Standard Process

Whole-Food Based Supplements from Organic Farming

Physician's Standard

High Quality and Pure supplements. Use HPP Code: NR1249 when ordering.

Zetpil Nutrition

The home of unique topicals and medical-grade suppositories.


Custom Homeopathic Blends for an array of conditions


High quality supplements endorsed by Dr. Klinghardt

Energy Bits

The home of pure Chlorella & Spirulina. Use Code "IWRadio" for 20% off

Designs for Health

Designing a well world.


The 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet by Dr. Longo.

Vital Proteins

Quality Collagen for health and beauty.

"Leveraging technology in the healthspace is advancing how medicine is being done."
Dr. Nicole rivera
Integrative Doctor
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