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IWG's Approach to
Ear, Eyes, Nose, and Throat

“I could not believe that my environment was causing my vision to decline.  I am so grateful to have found the truth and removed myself from that environment.

Hear from one of our patients

The patient came in with double vision and loss of eyesight in one eye that had begun 3 months prior after the removal of an infected tooth on the same side of her head.

What they came in with:

The patient came in with double vision and loss of eyesight in one eye that had begun 3 months prior after the removal of an infected tooth on the same side of her head.

IWG’s custom approach

The patient completed a series of detoxification services in the Integrative Wellness Group Detox Spa, along with a custom detoxification supplement protocol.  The patient was custom made eye drops using auto-blood therapy.  The patient also decided to leave her job to remove herself from the toxic mold.   The patient was advised to perform specific eye exercise to strengthen the eye muscles and stabilize her vision.

What we found to be the root cause

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) at Integrative Wellness Group identified that the patient had Lyme-related infections in the cranial bones along with other bacterial infections that were affecting the optic nerve, causing inflammation and vision trouble. The infection and removal of the tooth may have allowed the infection to spread to other areas of the head.  Blood and Urine analysis showed a severe level of mycotoxins which were associated with toxic black mold in her workplace.  The patient also presented with MARCONS in the sinuses which can directly affect the optic nerve.


A side effect of mold exposure is blurry vision, eye floaters, and loss of peripheral vision.

1 Month results:

The patient reported slight improvements in her eyes.

IWG decided to do more comprehensive testing for mold which was positive after reporting headaches and sneezing while at work.

3 month results:

The patient’s double vision had improved, but she was still experiencing a dark spot right in her line of vision.

6 month results:

The patient’s vision continued improving and the dark spot within her line of sight had dissipated. The double vision had reduced drastically.

12 Month Results:


Integrative Medicine is the Evolution of Medicine

Let’s be honest, Medicine needs a face lift.  Our goal at IWG is to evolve medicine to be comprehensive, specific, and integrative.  It starts with looking at the whole person and the whole picture.  The measuring of someones physical stress, internal (biochemical) stress, their emotional and energetic stress allows you to provide the proper diagnosis and the most tailored approach to their health care.  The understanding of the integration of our mental state, our physical symptoms, and our internal environment allows for true and sustainable healing.

Comprehensive Consultations
your symptoms matter and your goals are important to us

Emotional Release Therapies 
We never underestimate the human psychology. Judgments, resentments, and traumas can be playing a role in our health obstacles.

Medical Lab Testing
The 1st step is the right diagnosis. Specialized lab testing is key to start healing

Bioidentical Remedies and Therapies 
Our practitioners have the tools to test you for the exact supplements, herbs, and remedies, that your body needs. This eliminates negative reactions and “detox” symptoms.

Nutritional Analysis and Guidance 
A specialized diet is important to enhance your success.

Physical Medicine
We offer various services that support your physical body to improve lymphatic drainage, joint support, and neurological support.

Emphasis on Detoxification Therapies
Various therapies that help you heal faster and more effectively.

Case Management
We have multiple practitioners with varied expertise. You will always have co-management of your case at IWG.


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