leaky gut


Gut Health

Unraveling the root cause to gut issues that your gastroenterologist is not telling you.  We are revealing the limitations with conventional testing and how it is keeping us from knowing the root cause to our gut issues.



Neurological Conditions + Addiction

We are uncovering the connection to neurological health and addictive behaviors.  We uncover integrative testing for neurological imbalances and holistic approaches to healing.

february 2020

Sleep Issues + Insomnia

We are living in an epidemic of sleep disorders that rely on prescription drugs.  Often, doctors are not uncovering the reasons for insomnia or other sleep issues.  Tune in to understand why you are not getting to sleep or staying asleep.  In addition, take away sleep hacks that can change your sleep patterns immediately.  


MARCH 2020

Chronic Pain Conditions

Chronic pain is debilitating millions of americans.  The solution are highly-addictive prescription drugs.  What if there is a better way?  Find out more about precise testing that can reveal the root cause to your pain and give you tools to get out of pain.


Gut-Brain Connection

Is your gut health affecting your mood?  90 to 95% of your serotonin [your feel good hormone] is made in your gut.  In addition, the gut plays a role on dopamine levels.  Gut issues can cause you to feel depressed, anxious, unmotivated, angry, and even less confident.  Learn more in this webinar about how to heal your gut and balance your mental/emotional health.


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