End of COVID-19: A Note From Dr. Nicole

This pandemic is teaching us a lot about health, politics, our broken medical system, and ourselves… 

Many of us have that inner voice that we silence. We silence it to not “make waves”, not hurt people’s feelings, to not be different, to not lose our job, to not fight with our loved ones, and the only one that is suffering is YOU. 

It steals your confidence, it makes you feel lost, it hides your identity, it keeps you small, scared, and paralyzed. It is keeping you from the best version of you, from your dream job, from your ideal life, from your happiness. 


Do you choose your thoughts and beliefs?

Do you regurgitate others?

Do you question your thoughts and beliefs and then succumb to the common belief?

Are you not listening to yourself but listening to others?

Are you scared of being different, thinking different, challenging the norm?


We need to stop taking advice from others and start listening to our gut, trust our instincts, and honor our beliefs and values.