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The TRUTH about Mold Toxicity + Biotoxin Illness [FREE WEBINAR]

July 9th

Join Dr. Nicole Rivera on a complimentary webinar as she explains why no one can tell you why you are sick and tired, even with the most complex cases.  Replays are available for all webinars with registration.

7/2:  The overlooked symptoms of Mold Toxicity and Biotoxin Illness 

7/9:  How mold toxicity affects hormones 

7/16:  Low testosterone associated with Mold

7/23:  Breast Implant Illness and Mold Toxicity

Online Webinar

7:00 PM

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What we’ll uncover…

Revealing the top symptoms associated with Mold Toxicity + Biotoxin Illness

Dr. Nicole will discuss the top symptoms associated with mold toxicity including chronic inflammatory response syndrome, hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, neurological decline, and gut issues.

Discussing the limitations with conventional testing for mold and chronic inflammatory response syndrome

Dr. Nicole will reveal the limitations in testing for mold toxicity and biotoxin illness.

What is commonly overlooked in how we are exposed to mold

We are often unaware of how our daily life can contribute to mold exposure and biotoxin illness.  Common exposures come from food, breast implants, water-damaged buildings. 

The shortcomings of recommended treatments and why integrative medicine is the future of medicine.

The common treatments are a bandaid approach to symptoms while completely ignoring the root cause.  Most diagnostics fail to look for the root cause of chronic inflammatory response syndrome which leaves us with limited options for healing.

Integrative approaches to improving mold detoxification

In understanding the root cause, there are many alternative therapies that can assist in the recovery of mold toxicity.  We discuss diet, supplementation, detoxification, neurological protocols, dental therapies, physical therapy, and energetic therapies.

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