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Fill out our Questionnaire to allow us to learn more about you.  Our Client Care Team will review your questionnaire to be more acquainted with your goals

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What’s Next

Upon reviewing your questionnaire, our Client Care Team will reach out via your preferred method of contact (email or phone) chosen in the questionnaire.

Our team will happily answer any questions you have in regards to IWG services.  At that point, our team will suggest the best service and the best practitioner to meet your health goals.

Let’s Do It

Following your strategy call with our client care team, you will be booked for your appointment time and sent any paperwork needed for your appointment.

You may also choose to send any health records, imaging, and/or lab analysis that are pertinent to your case that you would like the doctor to review. (10 page maximum) Please send the records via email to [email protected], or via fax at (732) 749-1573.

*No shows will be charged in full for their appointment.

There is a 48 hour, 2 business day cancellation policy for the initial consultation and Report of Findings.

If you cancel or reschedule any time after that, your credit card on file will be charged the full price of the appointment.


After your appointment is confirmed, you will receive our New Patient Paperwork to complete via email. It is important that you take the time and space to complete these forms in full, as they are vital in helping us understand your case. Please be sure to thoroughly read through the directions attached to the email when filling out the paperwork.



  • Health and medical history questionnaire
  • Survey of your chief complaints and most important health goals
  • Assessment of your most troubling and frequently experienced symptoms
  • Diet survey and questionnaire
  • Survey of your current supplements and medications
  • A copy of our practice policies to inform you on our office procedures, billing, insurance, etc.



During your first appointment, the doctor or nutritionist will run a scan using the BioScan SRT to scan your body for stressors and allergies. The unit uses frequencies (no you can’t see them) to clear the body of allergies and other stressors like viruses, bacteria, parasites, musculoskeletal issues, skin issues, and emotional trauma.

  • It is important to be fully hydrated for your BioScan. Please drink a lot of water 24 hours prior to your initial appointment.
  • It is recommended to avoid eating, taking supplements or medications one hour prior to your appointment.
  • Do not drink coffee four hours before your appointment.

If you are under the age of 21, it is recommended to bring a parent/guardian with you to your initial exam.

If you plan to meet with the doctor or nutritionist via skype or phone, please send over your skype username or preferred contact information to [email protected] 48 hours prior to your appointment. It is recommended that you are in front of a computer to review any important documents with the practitioner.

If you plan to meet with the doctor or nutritionist via zoom conference, you will receive an email with the link to a FREE download of the zoom conference software. The email will will also include a meeting ID number to join the doctor or nutritionist on zoom at the time of your appointment.