Heel Pain, Healed- A Case Study

Condition: Heel Pain

Symptoms: 64-year old male presented chronic heel pain in the left foot. He has noticed over the last two years increased difficulty exercising and walking his dog due to the discomfort. He describes the pain as sharp and stabbing about the left heel. On a scale of 0-10, he states the pain is constantly a 5 out 10 and is worse in the morning.

Findings: Upon examination, tight and tender plantar fascia was found, as well as supination or outward misalignment of the navicular bone in the foot creating a decreased anterior transverse arch creating increased stress onto the heel. The patient also presented with difficulty dorsiflexion or lifting the first metatarsal or big toe up to the knee due to tight plantar fascia. Misalignments and dysfunction were also found at the talus in the ankle joint.

Treatment: 8 sound wave sessions were performed to break up scar tissue in the plantar fascia and promote healthy cell growth to the connective tissue. Myofascial work and chiropractic adjustments to the foot arches were performed to align the joints of the foot to help reinforce nerve muscle patterns and to stimulate nerve cells for proprioception during gait.

Conclusion: After care he stated a 90% improvement in symptoms. He is able to exercise regularly without pain or stiffness, especially in the morning.


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