How does it all work?

How does it all work?

Many patients that work with IWG are completely fascinated with the high-level technology we use in our patient care.  Most patients leave IWG raving about their amazing results to their friends and family. Commonly they are asked, “that is amazing, but what are they doing with you?”  This response is usually a combination of excitement and confusion.  Let’s have a more in depth discussion about some of IWG’s unique technologies, but before that a bit of food for thought…

Many of us experience medical therapies and technologies on a regular basis that we don’t understand.  As an example, when you get blood work drawn, do you ask the technician, “how was it sampled, spun, processed, and evaluated to determine cholesterol levels?”  The technician would most likely look at you with a long blank stare! Realistically, we don’t question it because it is a commonly accepted practice.

In alternative medicine, there is much skepticism and resistance.  We are programmed to question and devalue what is not commonly accepted.  

“Just because it is the common belief, doesn’t mean it is true.”  -Dr. Nicole

This statement goes beyond healthcare but is very applicable to this topic.  There is a lot of misleading and poor information regarding holistic and alternative healthcare available through traditional medicine and on the internet.  I believe, the purpose of this is to keep society stuck in the traditional, symptom driven, FOR PROFIT system.

After spending 2 weeks in Europe, a socialized healthcare system, my eyes were opened to the differences of a public payer system that runs on tax dollars versus privatized ‘for profit’ corporations.  

Circling back to the basis of why our patients receive amazing results, it is important to understand some of the major influencers of the field that have inspired various healthcare technologies in history.  Almost a century ago, Royal Rife made significant strides in physics and energy based medicine.

Hold on to your seat, it’s about to get a bit scientific…

1931, Royal Rife unveiled an optical microscope unlike any other.  He was able to produce microscopic images that are still unparalleled by today’s technology.  Rife was the first person to view living viruses, observing their behavior and movement.  From his observations, he theorized that organisms all resonate at their own specific frequency.

By analyzing the specific vibration (frequency) of a pathogen, he could use a frequency to destroy it.  The disease organisms were eliminated without surgery or drugs.  The principles of Dr. Rife’s research is encompassed in many IWG therapies such as:  Autonomic Response Testing, Bioresonance Scanning, Bioscan SRT, and Cold Laser Therapy.


Autonomic Response Testing (ART), a technique created by Dr. Klinghardt, uses similar concepts to test the body for an array of pathogens and toxins by testing frequencies against the the body.  The laws of ART include the law of resonance between two identical substances.  If the substance (frequency of the substance) is held in the field of any person and the indicator muscle weakens, the identical substance is in the body.  This is the law of resonance between two identical substances, identified and proven by Y. Omura M.D.

[How is it used at IWG]  This technique is used to test for viruses, infections, toxins, parasites, allergens and other stressors and also evaluate the vitamins and nutrients needed by the individual’s body.

More recently, Russian physicists have created a technology called Bioresonance scanning which uses light to evaluate cellular and genetic function of the body.  Research has demonstrated that electromagnetic waves emitted by diseased organs including cancer cells, vary from those emitted by healthy cells.  This is due to their differences in cell metabolism and DNA damage. This theory is known as the law of nonlinear dynamic systems. The law describes that any pathological (disease) process or deviation from the norm is a unique, strictly defined (change in electromagnetic waves) energy spectrum.  Unlike blood work and other biochemical tests, the cellular energy of tissue is always affected before the byproduct of the tissue is altered in anyway. This cellular evaluation can help us see potential problems before blood chemistry reveals any changes. This explanation sheds light on why people complete “normal” blood work and one year later can be diagnosed with a disease such as cancer.

In short, unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves and changing these waves back to normal will minimize the damaging effects of the disease, promote healing, and cure the body. This is the basis of Bioresonance Therapy.

[How is it used at IWG]  The technology is used to clarify disease and dysfunction in the body and then bring it back into balance using corrective electromagnetic waves.

Hear what people are saying “My child spoke full sentences for the first time in his life after one bioresonance treatment“

Cold Laser, also known as low level light therapy, uses specific wavelengths and frequencies to promote cellular health while affecting pathogens (infections) with coherent light.  Specific Rife frequencies can be programmed into the Cold Laser to target infections in addition to improving the cells “power house” (otherwise known as the mitochondria) to improve the energy and health of the cell.  

[How is it used at IWG]  This technology is used to target and eliminate infections in tissue such as the throat, tonsils, ears, etc.  It can speed up healing of injured tissue by up to 5x faster.  The laser can also be used for anti-aging and DNA repair.

A device which combines some of the techniques listed above is the Bioscan SRT.  The Bioscan SRT is a remarkable procedure that combines the disciplines of Acupuncture, Biofeedback and Homeopathy with Laser Light technology. A computerized scan or test is done to identify what your body is sensitive to or stressed by, how it is out of balance, then helps to reconfigure to better health. 

Substances (frequencies) converted to a digital format, and presented in the form of sound and light, are what allow for patient assessment testing down to the molecular level. These are what make it possible to assess thousands of substance sensitivities in mere minutes, then allow the brain and nervous system to record a new association that is positive or neutral instead of the inappropriate ones that were previously stored in memory. This breaks the link between the stimulus and response, makes symptoms unnecessary, creates balance and harmony, from dis-ease and disharmony, and allows the body to function better.

[How is it used at IWG]  The technology is used to determine and balance organ dysfunction, food allergies, homeopathic remedies appropriate for the patient, and emotional charges.  

IWG aims to set the standard of how healthcare is should done, which is a driving force behind the inclusion of these cutting-edge technologies.  Whether you’re struggling with a current set of symptoms or you are just trying to feel your best, we’re here to help you reach the highest levels of health.  

Yes, we provide you with solutions.  Yes, we give you access to the most cutting edge technologies on the planet. Yes, we provide you unbiased physician expertise that has been compiled through years of training.

Our commitment at IWG is to bring you the very best of what we are living and learning, and to keep it honest and scientific. So please don’t expect another opinion-based style of medicine but do expect honesty, specificity, and an unwavering devotion to help you live your most vibrant and meaningful life.