This is more than a check up. This is an evolution in medicine.

This approach figures out the deepest layers of why you are not feeling your best, finding the ROOT cause. This allows us to create a personalized healing approach that is like nothing else being offered in medicine.

Healing should always be Integrative

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How do we work with members?

Telehealth consultations

All sessions with your doctor are done via virtual consultations.

Health Technologies

Technologies listed below are shipped to your home through our Home Healthcare in a Box Program.

Doctor Facilitated Care

We offer hands-on therapies at our immersion retreats in Isle of Palms.

Human Behavior Coaching

Our human behavior dictates every decision and action in our lives.  We often feel controlled by outside factors but this work allows you to be a master of your own life.

  • Biointegration Technique
  • Values Determination
  • Executive Coaching 

Emotional Therapies

Many of us have suffered emotional adversities but fail to know that this can be a key player in our autoimmune conditions or chronic symptoms.  We have incorporated effective emotional therapies to prevent people from hitting plateaus in their program.

The Demartini Method: a 14 step process to breakthrough trauma and resentment using the principles of physics.

Detox Therapies

IWG has state of the art detox therapies that will improve the liver, kidney, and lymphatic function to eliminate heavy metals, environmental toxins, mold, and chemical toxicities.

  • Ampcoil Technology:  PEMF device to target infections and support organs.
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs: customized through our autonomic response testing.
  • Infrared Sauna Blanket: designed to improve lymphatic drainage and neurological recovery.
  • Ionized Detox Foot Baths:  to improve lymphatic, liver, and kidney detox pathways.
  • Compression Therapy for lymphatic Drainage 

Nutritional Therapies

We support our patients nutritionally down to the cellular level with nutrients and specialized therapies. 

Custom Nutrition Plans: designed by our clinical nutritionist.

Neurological Therapies

We are living in an era of progressive neurological conditions such as dementia, alzheimer’s, ADD, Autism, and parkinson’s disease.  We have therapies that can improve neurological function and balance brain activity.

  • Ampcoil Technology:  PEMF device to balance the brain.
  • Brain Entrainment:  an at-home device for neurological treatment.  Our physicians will advise on the use of the device in specific cases.
  • Brain Tap: a technology to rebalance the nervous system and stop fight or flight dominance.

Bio-Energetic Therapies

Did you ever feel like you are trying everything and nothing is working?  The energetic system is often ignored in medicine but can dictate the body’s ability to heal. 

  • Bioscan SRT [Digital Acupuncture]:  a modality to evaluate the health of the meridians. 
  • Biointegration Technique:  used to balance neurological switching, abnormal photon spin, and other energetic imbalances from stress.
  • Homeopathy:  used to remedy energetic imbalances.  



Gut Conditions: Crohn’s Disease

Meet Brian. Brian was a 23 year old male who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 9 years old. Throughout his life he struggled with his diet. Almost everything Brian ate irritated his gut....
Although he had some bloating in the lower abdominal region, most of his complaints were in the upper gastrointestinal tract. After seeing multiple physicians as a child and undergoing multiple scope surgeries Brian and his family received little information about his diagnosis. As Brian grew up his symptoms only escalated and again they received no education on diet or nutrition. Instead they put him on an immunosuppressive and chemotherapy drug to manage symptoms. The drugs were masking his gastrointestinal symptoms and after a year of taking the medication Brian was getting sick all the time. The drugs were suppressing his immune system and allowing him to feel better even though he was getting worse.
“I feel so grateful for finding IWG. My whole life I was told I had Crohn’s Disease and handed medication after medication. IWG was able to connect the dots to what was truly going on with my gastrointestinal system and I am forever grateful”.


Endocrine Conditions: Thyroid

Meet Karen. Karen struggled with her thyroid for many years. Karen was put on thyroid medication at the age of 18 years old due to her symptoms....
She felt better for a few years on the medication but a follow-up visit to the endocrinologist revealed that she not only had hypothyroid but Hashimoto's thyroiditis which is an autoimmune condition. She didn't know what that meant and was told to just continue her medication as recommended. As Karen approached her forties, she noticed a worsening of existing symptoms and the addition of new symptoms. Her energy levels were up and down. Her hair was brittle and thin, and often falling out in the shower. She felt like her metabolism was at an all-time low, she was gaining weight with no change to her diet. She also noticed she was grabbing a sweater in the summer because she was often cold. Upon arrival to IWG, she was 40 lbs heavier than she was one year prior and had unbearable brain fog. She reported forgetting what she was saying mid-way through her sentence. I noticed the physician would struggle to find her words and have bouts of a flush face (reddening of her face). She explained it was hot flashes caused by her hormones. As we continued the consultation, she revealed having varicose veins, dizziness, and a family history of vascular dementia. My doctor flag was raised as she continued to describe her symptoms and family history. We began our diagnostic testing and it revealed extreme cardiovascular stress called atherosclerosis and high blood pressure (hypertension). Atherosclerosis and hypertension were primarily affecting the vascular supply to the brain. The hypothalamus gland of the brain is the control center of the thyroid and other endocrine organs. The lack of blood supply was causing hypothalamic syndrome which was the ROOT cause of her thyroid condition. The most significant part of Karen’s story is that she was on her way to vascular dementia which was the diagnosis that her mother received in her sixties. Her massive brain fog and memory loss were due to the lack of blood supply and oxygen to the brain. Karen embarked on treatment to improve circulation and cardiovascular health which eliminate 80% of her brain fog. Her hormones started to autocorrect by giving the brain and hypothalamus more oxygen through proper blood flow. Since we were also corrected her lymphatic system, she saw a deduction in the thyroid antibodies which indicate Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. In addition, her thyroid hormone levels were better than they had been in her twenties. She started to see weight loss, temperature stability, and healthier hair.


Brain Health: Epilepsy

Meet Sandy. Sandy was a regular 17 years old that was excited about getting her license, hanging with her friends, and getting ready for prom....
She danced the night away at prom while making memories with all of her closest friends. The morning after, she had her first grand mal seizure. The patient then continued to have 5 additional seizures while in the hospital that same day. She was seemingly in good health until the onset of the seizure. She and her family, were overwhelmed with angst and fear. They also didn't know the fate of their child. After years of EEGs, MRIs, and other brain scans, she continued to be told there is nothing wrong with the brain and that she would have to stay on preventative medication forever. Her family watched her personality change, her overwhelming fatigue, and overall loss of lust for life. It was not until almost 10 years later that Sandy made it to IWG. Through a combination of in house testing and conventional testing, Sandy was diagnosed with neurological lyme disease, mercury toxicity, and mold toxicity. The patient performed a qEEG, a comprehensive brain map compared to previous testing, which revealed the brain was functioning at a 2 on a scale of 1-10. The qEEG also pointed out abnormal brain wave activity indicative of seizures. The patient embarked on treatment to not only fix the brain but to remove all major infectious and chemical neurological stressors. Within a few short months, the patient was more vibrant and alive than she had been in over 10 years. She looked at us and said “I’m getting my life back.” Within 6 months of care, her brain function went from a 2/10 to an 8/10. She had a remarkable change and has NOT had a seizure for over a year. Our approach is not just about providing the ability to heal but to make a profound shift mentally and emotionally that will transform your life forever. What she hadn't realized until that point, is that we didn't treat her disease, we repaired her body’s ability to function optimally. We removed every obstacle that was holding her body back from being well. This is not about the elimination of the diagnosis, this is about life transformation.


An Integrative Approach to Medicine truly transforms the lives of thousands.  This is a Breakthrough experience in healthcare.

Gut Issues
94% improved or resolved
Thyroid Conditions
96% improved or resolved
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
98% improved or resolved
Autoimmune Conditions
97% improved or resolved

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