Infant Torticollis- A Case Study

Condition: Infant Torticollis

Symptoms: 6-week old infant girl presents with her head tilted and rotated to the left. Her mother states that she is unable to turn her head to the right, and has tight muscles on the left side of her neck and jaw. Her mother also states that she has been having trouble latching on to breast feed and staying latched while being fed. She was diagnosed with a “tongue tie” shortly after birth which was laser surgically repaired.

Findings: Decreased range of motion while trying to move her neck to the right, tight muscles in her neck, left jaw, and a constant head position to the left. It was also found that the first vertebra in her neck was misaligned to the left.

Treatment: After 10 visits, which included gentle, specific Chiropractic adjustment to the upper neck, soft tissue release, and craniosacral therapy, she was able to turn her head in both directions and her neck posture was neutral. By restoring proper nerve function in the neck, she was able to function much better. This also made it more comfortable for mom to breastfeed.


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