Is there something for me at IWG?

I was inspired to write this article while attending a local yoga class.  I was introduced to a woman by a friend and she said: “I have heard great things about your facility and I always wondered if there was something for me at IWG.”

I proceeded with “there is something for everyone at IWG”  

What is best for you at IWG


I have no health complaints but want a thorough check-up and physical

Functional Medicine BasicOur basic program gets you comprehensive testing to have a bird’s eye view of your health.

I have kids and need support on nutrition

Functional Pediatric ProgramOur program offers a holistic approach to your pediatric healthcare.  A more comprehensive approach to your child’s common cold, digestion, nutrition, and overall health.

I am looking to have a more holistic doctor as my primary

Functional Medicine BasicOur basic program gets you comprehensive testing to have a birds-eye view of your health.

I just want a relaxing spa day

Ultimate Spa Day or Ala carte Detox Spa Services You can fully immerse yourself in a luxury spa day or just pop in for an Infrared Sauna

I am looking to do a gentle detox

21 Day Cleanse with Spa Services We have 3 group cleanses per year but anyone can do the 21 Day Cleanse on their own at any time.

I have been dealing with chronic symptoms and/or an autoimmune condition

Functional Medicine IntensiveWe have a team of experts in chronic illness that unravel the mystery to your symptoms.  We use advanced diagnostics to give you clarity and a plan.

I am struggling with my hormones and thyroid

Functional Medicine IntensiveWe do in-depth testing to clarify your imbalances and have a clear approach on how to improve your hormones.

I am looking to heal from Lyme Disease

Functional Medicine IntensiveOur Functional Medicine Team is Lyme Literate and has had great success in the management of Lyme Disease.

I have had a bunch of head injuries and am looking to prevent memory loss or other brain conditions

The Brain Health Program IWG has a team of brain health experts that use cutting-edge technology to map the function of the brain and improve recovery from brain injuries and mood imbalances.

I am scared of commitment but I want to know what IWG is about and if it is for me

The IWG Wellness Pack This is an introduction to our testing at IWG.  It can provide you with clarity on your symptoms before moving forward with any type of program.

I wonder if IWG works with kids?  

Functional Pediatric CareOur team works with kids that are active and want to stay healthy through chiropractic care.  We also work with pediatric illnesses through our comprehensive Functional Medicine program.

I am looking to maintain my body as an athlete or weekend warrior

Physical Medicine ProgramOur physical medicine team provides holistic bodywork that includes adjustments to the spine and other joints (knees, ankles) in addition to muscle work and rehabilitative exercise.

I am looking for a solution to my depression and anxiety

The Brain Health Program Our brain health team uses comprehensive testing to find the root cause of your imbalances.  IWG utilizes state of the art brain mapping technology to understand the brain and its imbalances.  

Are you looking for a style of exercise that can rehab and stabilize your body

Foundation Training Dr. Phil holds Foundation Training classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Enjoy the view while you exercise on our waterfront patio.
What can I gift from IWG?The IWG Wellness Pack or an Ultimate Spa DayIWG has great spa packages for all holiday gifting.

I want to know what supplements I should take and what foods I should eat.

The IWG Nutrition PackIWG uses Autonomic Response Testing to test the body for the best supplements and foods to get you on track with your nutrition.

I have mental health concerns and want to know if IWG is a good fit

The Brain Health ProgramIWG has the ability to work with patients with depression, anxiety, bipolar, and even seizure disorders.  Our state of the art technology allows us to analyze the brain for inflammation and map imbalances in the brain.

I am in pain often but don’t “believe” in chiropractic OR I am looking to find the root cause of my pain

Physical Medicine ProgramLucky for you, we love skeptics.  Our approach to bodywork is head to toe and always addresses the muscles.  We understand the physicality of pain but also the neurology behind the pain. You will be impressed!

I’m looking for a holistic health center for my kid’s healthcare.

Functional Pediatric ProgramIWG offers non-invasive testing for kids.  IWG also has an array of kid-friendly therapies to boost their immune system and keep them well.

At IWG, we believe that there is a cause for every effect which means there is an answer to your array of symptoms.  Most importantly, there is a solution to your cause which will allow you to heal and have the knowledge to prevent it from arising in the future.  

Most importantly, we believe that no matter what your health challenges are, you have the power to be the key player in your health destiny, by doing so, you’ll change your life.

The philosophy, to make a change in the world you must evolve with the times, has lead to some of Integrative Wellness Group groundbreaking milestones.  For instance: Every void that was found in a patient’s health journey led to continued learning which resulted in the cutting-edge array of treatment modalities at IWG.  Through the advancements at IWG, functional medicine, physical medicine, brain health, detoxification and other programs offered- IWG is in this to make a difference.

IWG aims to set the standard of how healthcare is being done.