It’s Riot Season.

It’s riot season as the newsfeed on your social media displays. These past couple of days and months have shown us that we are in a period of change and transformation. It is the change that we dislike the most because it makes us uncomfortable and causes us pain. Foundationally we are always changing and never constant but the mind likes to play tricks on us as we have mentally been programmed to think that change is ‘bad’ or ‘scary’. I work as an integrative physician and I tend to look at the body a little differently than most doctors. Simply put, when we have symptoms, a disease, or pain it is usually coming from a break in communication within the body and its many systems. Traditionally, most doctors focus on one portion of the body and not the whole instead of realizing that the whole is only as strong as the parts working or communicating together. When we are sick, in pain, diagnosed with a disease it is really a part of our body that is also rioting.

If we take this a layer deeper, the body (and everything else) is made up of energy. Energy is really just information so a break in the flow of energy or information is what causes us to get sick, have pain, and end up with a disease. The same concept is happening externally as the entire world fundamentally is made up of energy. The riots happening today are a cause of a break in communication. It doesn’t matter what type of riot, whether race, discrimination, personal rights/freedom, you fill in the blank. All riots come from a negative feedback loop showing us that we are experiencing pain, a symptom, or an aspect of life being unbalanced.

In medicine, we strive for health in the form of a balance called homeostasis. It’s the balance of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. In eastern medicine, we strive for a balance of yin and yang and symptoms occur when we become unbalanced and there is a break in the flow of chi, energy, and information.

An interesting aspect of our limbic system is that it has mirror neurons and yes, it is reflective like a mirror and as a result often referred to as the ‘reflective mind’. It gives us the ability and opportunity to see aspects of our external world inside of us, just in a different form. When we are taking a stand and rioting or judging a riot about a specific cause or theme, that foundational imbalance is also within ourselves. Riots themselves are not bad or good, depending on how they are used. Riots help create awareness which is necessary for change. When we have more information and more awareness we can consciously make better decisions to serve ourselves and others to a higher degree.

However, the downside to riots is that the change usually isn’t sustainable and we as a society will fall back into our old patterns of thinking and acting and eventually end up with the same type of problems to deal with again at a later date. If we look at history, we can see that it tends to repeat itself, and is cyclical. However, we can take a different stand and act differently and create a different chapter in the history books. We have the potential to capitalize on the changes and transformations that are occurring around us to better ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world around us.

An interesting thing about change is that it doesn’t only occur with an increase of awareness as described above. You have probably heard the phrase, “We only use 10% of our brain.” Well, that statement is false as we use our brain, we just don’t use most of it consciously. We are really only conscious and present 10% of the time. The rest of the time we are kind of like on auto-pilot going through the day working on tasks, thinking of the past and dreaming or worrying about the future but rarely living in the present. This has been proven by neuroscience and shows us that if we are really only conscious 10% of the time then we can only make a conscious decision 10% of the time. This makes it extremely difficult, pretty much impossible to make a sustainable change which is why history repeats itself as a whole and for most individuals. If 90% of the time we are on “autopilot” then what is running us? The programs which are created from our belief systems. When we get fed up with the results of our belief systems guess what occurs-a riot, my friend. This riot can be in the form of pain, symptoms, racism, diseases, and a victim mentality thinking that we are to be saved by someone else. This is a state of disempowerment which is not a fun or enjoyable place to be at but is a necessary place to acknowledge because it is a place that we can grow and evolve from in order to become self-dependent, more abundant in love with the ability to harness our gifts in order to serve ourselves and give to others.

It is our individual responsibility and opportunity to work on ourselves in order to make a change. We have the power and that empowerment comes from the balance, the homeostasis of our beliefs. When we alter the perception of our beliefs, we alter the programs that are running our lives. We have been taught what to learn but we have never been taught how to think. Let’s start working smarter and not harder as a whole in order to bring balance and beauty back into our lives and the world around us.

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