Long Distance? No Problem.

Work with us virtually from the comfort of your own home or join us for an Immersion Week.
We have created a seamless way to experience the same level of care, anywhere in the world…

Remote Patient utilizing Virtual Visits

As a long distance patient, you can work with our clinical nutritionist remotely.  You will have an initial consultation via phone call or zoom conference with the nutritionist.  We will then provide lab testing kits that will be sent to your home. After completion of the testing, our nutritionist will review your lab results and provide a custom plan.  

This is basic program that will include dietary changes, supplement recommendations, and other lifestyle modifications. The virtual follow up visits are done via phone or Zoom Conference.  This is best for college students and others looking for simple lifestyle support. This is not recommended for chronic illness patients.  



Our New Patient Package consists of one-two weeks, with treatment for six days per week.  Brain Health cases are required to complete a minimum of 2 weeks.

You are required to complete your initial consultation via phone call or zoom conference one month prior to arrival.  At that time, the doctor will fax a script to your in-network lab for you to complete blood work prior to arriving to our facility.  

The first day for any patient entails a Physical Exam, Bioresonance Scanning, a Bioscan SRT, and an Oligoscan for Heavy Metal testing on the first day, and treatment follows Tuesday through Friday. This enables the doctors to start treatment on the 2nd day of the immersion to jumpstart the healing process.  Treatment utilizing bioresonance technology, detoxification, bioscan therapy, and other modalities will be structured according to the patient’s lab analysis.

In the following week, there are varying tiers to the immersion program that are based on the lab results of the patient.   The base tier will include detoxification treatment, bioscan treatment, cold laser therapy and bioresonance scanning on a daily basis.  If necessary, we may recommend other therapies such as Craniosacral Therapy, Chiropractic, Emotional Release Technique, Chakra Balancing, and/or the Demartini Method.  

We typically recommend a return trip for out-of-town patients within 2 to 3 months after their initial program.

Immersion Week One:  

  • 60 Minute Comprehensive Consultation done virtually prior to arriving to the office.
  • In-depth Blood Work using your in-network lab.  Lab work is required to be completed prior to arrival to the office.  Must complete the blood at least one week prior to arriving. The IWG physician will provide a script to your local lab after the completion of your consultation.
  • Upon arrival, you will complete Bioresonance Scanning of all tissues of the body.  This will analyze the body for pathology, infections, and allergens, You will then complete Autonomic Response Testing for infections, toxicity, and to evaluate the best treatment modalities, supplements, and herbal protocols.  We will complete a Bioscan to evaluate stressed energy systems. Lastly, we will perform a heavy metal and mineral test called an Oligoscan.
  • Treatment will begin on Day 2 which will incorporate bioresonance treatment, bioscan treatment, cold laser therapy, and various detox services.  Additional services will be dictated by your lab testing.

Immersion Week Two + other Subsequent Weeks:

  • You will continue utilizing bioresonance treatments, bioscan treatments, and detoxification.  Depending on the lab results, you may utilize additional treatments such as craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, neurofeedback, and/or viaderm therapy.

Download our on-boarding document:

Functional Medicine Immersion Week Onboarding

Brain Program Immersion Week Onboarding