Low Back Pain After a Fall- A Case Study

Condition: Low Back Pain after a fall

Symptoms: 42-year old female presents with visible, intense low back pain, after a traumatic fall on ice. She reports slipping on stairs, and falling backward, striking her low back on the stairs as she fell. Her breathing is shallow, she feels nauseous, and mobility is slow and very limited, as any movement increases her pain. She rates this pain a 10 out of 10, and uses the help of another person to move around.

Findings: Upon examination, her spine is very tender, her muscles are in spasms, and swelling is present. Most positions were extremely painful, especially initiating any movement from seated to standing or laying to sitting. Orthopedic tests were performed checking for fractures, along with X-rays, which were negative. Usual muscle tests could not be performed due to the severity of pain. X-rays did, however, show pelvic rotation and a decrease in the lumbar curve. Pain level was so intense that the patient had induced vomiting. Severe rotation of the hips was found due to the fall, which also created neurological stress.

Treatment: A sound wave treatment was performed on the first day, sound wave technology is used to break up scar tissue at the cellular level and promote soft tissue healing. Sound wave therapy is helpful in this situation where the patient was in severe discomfort and had difficulty moving. This allowed for the recently damaged soft tissue to begin healing quickly. This reduced the pain down to an 8 out of 10.

Chiropractic adjustments were delivered to the pelvis and rest of the spine that were shown to be misaligned through X-ray analysis and Chiropractic examination. She was adjusted by hand on a Chiropractic drop table in the opposite direction of the misalignments to restore proper motion.

Muscle work was also performed in the lower back area to help reduce inflammation and spasm. Shewas also recommended an anti-inflammatory herbal supplement (Turmeric) and whole food based ligament support supplement (Ligaplex) to help heal damaged tissue. After 4 sound wave treatments and 3 Chiropractic visits she had achieved 70% improvement, and was able to return to work. After a course of 6 sound wave treatments and 8 Chiropractic visits over 6 weeks, she was back to 100% function.


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