Numbness and Anxiety- A Case Study

Numbness in 50 Year Old California Man, an energy case study

Conditions: Numbness, nausea, anxiety, shortness of breath

Symptoms: Client was experiencing numbness in his arms and legs, and shortness of breath. He also complained of nausea and anxiety. He had been to a medical doctor and all the tests showed no illness or disease.

Findings: There were significant disruption, congestion and energy blocks in his energy field, especially in his primary energy channel (vertical power current) and in the shoulder and hip areas. His vagus nerve was over activated, which is related to many internal organs. In general, there was very little energy moving up and down his body and into his limbs. His brain stem (emotional center) was very active.

Treatment: Each session has focused on balancing, clearing and repairing the field from head to feet, especially in the armpit areas and in the hips. Focus on the vagal nerve to calm this overactive nerve and bring more coherence to the neural activity to address the nausea and anxiety symptoms. Energy work involved: working on the brain stem and limbic system to balance the emotions and anxiety; clearing the lymph system to further help with the blocks to the arms and legs; strengthening the energetic alignment of the cells (haric lines) in the arms and legs to promote more circulation and energetic activity.

Conclusion: After each session his symptoms are alleviated for at least 2 weeks, over the course of 3 visits to date. “I haven’t felt this good in a while. The last 2 nights I have finally been able to get some restful sleep and the anxiety has diminished considerably. Thank you, I feel so much better”


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