The IWG Approach: A different perspective

Our approach is setting the standard for how healthcare is being done by creating an integrative look at the body instead of assuming that our body systems are working independently. In addition, we strive to create personalized health plans by taking the subjectivity out of medicine. We also take the trial and error out of the healing process with our unique style of testing.

Advanced Personalized Medicine

Beyond physicians, we classify ourselves detectives. We ask specific questions and use precise medical technology that enables accurate decoding of information pertaining to all aspects of health within a patient. Our technologies go beyond what is revealed in conventional testing, looking to the deepest layers of the body including the cells and the DNA. With precision and accuracy, we can uncover what common testing misses within a fraction of the time.


Almost 10 years ago, our doctors became frustrated with the limitations of conventional testing. It became evident, that blood work was just a snapshot in the moment and often missed chronic conditions. Stool samples didn't always reveal pathogens depending on the quality and the timing of the sample. In addition, the tests did not reveal the biodiversity of each person which resulted in cookie-cutter protocols for so-called similar conditions. Our doctors were craving specificity and decided to explore advanced medical technologies regularly used in European countries. These technologies looked beyond blood while revealing the uniqueness of each person. This transformed the treatment protocols and allowed for faster and more effective healing. Most importantly, the doctors were able to transform their approach to create long term, sustainable health changes.


Moving past the guesswork

Despite the vast amount of scientific discoveries and technological advances accumulated over the past century, conventional medicine still roots the basis of treatment in diagnosis without paying attention to the cause(s) of dysfunction. We don’t guess, we test. We aim to decipher the root cause and to leverage advanced medical technologies to customize healing plans.

What is the real cause? It's not just about the what but also about the why.

We know your symptoms. We can determine a diagnosis. But can we accurately, without guessing, know the actual source of why you have these symptoms and diagnosis? The answer is yes. Our advanced medical technology allows us to find the root cause with confidence.

Personalized medicine

It's not about the physician deciding what is best but rather the testing indicating the personalized health plan. Relying on a precise and rigorous protocol that follows a comprehensive medical decision tree, we’re able to devise highly detailed and specific protocols, each one being individual to the patient. Our testing provides a conclusive answer to accurately discerning, out of all supplements, herbs, and treatment options available, the best, properly prioritized, optimally timed, and safest treatment for any given patient.

Cutting edge approaches in care

We believe it’s not always about what you do but also how you do it. There needs to be a strategic approach to the healing process. We create a hierarchy of healing for our patients while first working on the foundation. The foundational problems is usually the culprit for many of the symptoms that a person is experiencing. The foundation varies person to person and is deciphered by our personalized testing. We find that everyone’s approach is extremely different but there are a few common denominators. Below is some of our more common approaches to fixing the foundation and getting to the root.

In this day and age, our neurological system is under extreme stress from toxicity and pollution, to high stress jobs, poor circulation, hidden sugar in our food, and improper stimulation through use of technology. We find that many of our patient’s need a neurological reset to get their energy, their memory, and their sharpness back. We take an integrative approach and have technologies and therapies that support all 3 of the major needs of the brain: stimulation, circulation for oxygenation, and proper blood sugar handling. Our Brain Entrainment Therapy and neurofeedback technology help to balance the brain by providing proper stimulation. We also use craniosacral therapy, bioresonance technology and neurological chiropractic to improve circulation of cerebrospinal fluid flow and blood flow to the brain. Lastly, we use nutrition to improve blood sugar handling for a healthy brain.
The statistics for how many people suffer with chronic pain on a daily basis is alarmingly high. We help these people get to the root of the cause but also give them a rigorous solution to the their pain. We understand that pain can stem from injury, repetitive stress, neurological pain syndromes, and even toxicity. Our customized approach will work on all of the layers to your chronic pain syndrome. We offer neurological chiropractic to realign and improve the brain and body connection. We offer muscle work for soft tissue injury, sound wave for scar tissue from old injuries, and cold laser therapy to speed up the healing process.
A commonly overlooked system of the body is the meridian system which is the foundation of acupuncture and chinese medicine. Our meridians can be blocked due to stress, emotional trauma, toxicity, infections and so much more. Our meridian based therapies include the bioscan srt technology which we call computerized acupuncture. We also utilize homeopathic remedies and a needling technique called Viaderm. The viaderm will help to push homeopathic remedies into the meridian end points to provide rapid benefits to the meridian pathway.
Stress and emotional trauma play a significant role in our lives and in our health. At IWG, we wanted to provide a solution to help neutralize the negative perceptions about events in our life opposed to relive the trauma through talk therapy. We use the demartini method which is founded by Dr. Demartini using the knowledge of human behavior and physics. The approach allows you to determine your values and how that plays a role in your relationships. It also allows you to understand the perceptions around specific scenarios in your life. The method opens you up to all perceptions of the scenarios in your life that you deem to be only negative.
Our approach looks down to the cellular level picking up on the most subtle changes that can cause us to not feel well. We work with the body down to the cellular level using bioresonance technology and cold laser therapy. This allows us to fix the foundation and prevent disease from arising in the future.
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