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Our Team

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The Doctors

Dr. Nicole Rivera

Owner, CEO, Integrative Physician, & Mystery Illness Specialist

Dr. Nick Carruthers

Owner, Integrative Medicine Physician, Human Behavior Specialist, Functional Neurology

Dr. Phil Pritting

Chiropractor, Multi-Certified Craniosacral Therapist, Foundation Training Specialist

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Functional medicine Practitioners

Grace Farren, BSN, IFMC

Integrative Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Lauren Suarez

Practitioners Assistant

Coreen Ward, HHC, IFMC, AFMC

Health Coach & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Josh Strain, MSNIH, IFMC, IRTC

IRT Specialist, Integrative Nutritionist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Danny Petrone, IFMC, IRTC

IRT Assistant and Functional Medicine Intern

Juliana Looman

Clinical Director

Customer Care Team

Lisa Aragona

Client Care Associate

Lauren Rice

Clinical Coordinator

Gillian Casucci

Client Care Associate

Behind the Scenes

Marisa Potts

Chief operations Officer

Amy Saenz

Chief Marketing officer

Melissa Rivera

Research & Development

Lauren Coull

Marketing + Social Media Strategist

Valarie LaBarbera

Client Service Director

Kelly Meyerhoff

Marketing+ Event Specialist

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