Dr. Nicole Rivera

Dr. Nicole strives to offer a progressive approach to evolve the way healthcare is being done by providing a specific, scientific, and one of a kind approach to each and everyone of her patients.

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Dr. Nick Carruthers

Dr. Nick leads the Brain Health program as well as specializing in Sport’s Chiropractic, Autonomic Response Testing, and Emotional Release Technique.

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Dr. Kyle Klim

Dr. Kyle specializes in Sport’s Chiropractic, Craniosacral Therapy, Pediatric Chiropractic, and Pregnancy + Pre-Natal Healthcare.

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Samantha Franceschini

Samantha practices under the care of Dr. Nicole offering nutritional advice and care for patients. She is finishing up her Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health and attending the Institute of Functional Medicine this spring. 

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Practitioner Assistant

Jess Hickman

Jess is excited to combine her passion for health and wellness with her background in client experience as a Practitioner Assistant at Integrative Wellness Group.

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Lexie Allman

You can find Lexie working on the Functional Medicine team with Dr. Nicole Rivera performing Bioscans, ART and soundwave therapy as well as utilizing her skills in digital media to support the Eat for Your Condition Cookbook Series and the marketing team

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Melissa Czorniewy

Melissa is a Registered Nurse at Integrative Wellness Group. She is a Functional Medicine Assistant to Dr. Nicole Rivera and performs Practitioner Assistant duties, including Bioresonance Scanning, Bioscan SRT, Sound Wave, Bio-Identical Remedies, outline and diet plans.

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Autonomic Response Testing Specialist

Staci Erdos

Staci is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and is committed to helping others achieve the same.

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Client Services

Marisa Shave

After working 8 years in a luxury Retail Management position, Marisa felt it was time to make a change.

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Mary Kate Kane

Mary Kate is a graduate of Kean University, Majoring in English Studies and Minoring in Marketing.

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Nick Vargovic

Nick is a member of our Client Services Team. From handling new patient inquiries to scheduling patient appointments, you can be sure your needs are in good hands when speaking with Nick.

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Spa Concierge

Liz Brooks

After 6 years in Advertising Sales in New York City, Liz was tired of feeling stressed and overworked.

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Nicole Madera

Nicole is a Spa Associate as well as practitioner assistant at IWG since April 2017. She began her interest and passion for a holistic lifestyle about three years ago when she became a student at a local yoga studio.

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Front Desk

Kaity Pacella

Since Kaity started working at Integrative Wellness she has not only found the job rewarding, but it has really opened her eyes to so much knowledge about health and wellness.

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Melissa Rivera

Melissa brings her passion for healthy living and expertise in strategic planning to her role at Integrative Wellness Group.

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Booker is a Vizsla puppy who came to us all the way from Ohio. 

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Pappy/Rex is a Vizsla puppy who came to us from Pennsylvania. 

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