Meet the Team at Integrative Wellness Group in Belmar, NJ

The Doctors

Dr. Nicole Rivera

By day,  I love an adventurous, outdoor excursion and by night, I love to dance to straight hip-hop, gangsta beats.  I’m honored to be named a thought leader in the field of Integrative Medicine and Booker and Pappy named me the best dog mom on the planet. I am in this to make a difference in the world by setting a higher standard on how healthcare is being done.

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Dr. Nick Carruthers

I’m probably the most simple-minded complex being you will ever meet. I enjoy deep conversations to stimulate and challenge my way of thinking. I love activities that mindfully keep me present such as slacklining, mountain biking, and rock climbing. I yearn to understand how life and the human body works. The love life has to offer us is an experience we tend to have too little of. My intention in life is to expand into a better version of myself by helping others become a more wholesome version of themselves. Last but not least, I spend almost all day of every day with my wife and vizsla pups and will never get tired of them as they are my deepest loves.

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Dr. Phil Pritting

I am a lover of nature and the outdoors and have a passion to explore, learn and practice natural healing using movement, food, meditation, and music. I enjoy the journey of opening up our deep layers of human potential and helping people on their journey towards health. To help people feel and fine-tune their body’s healing capabilities with movement and hands-on therapy.

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Practitioner Assistants + Care Managers

Coreen Ward

Coreen is certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and continued her education at the School of Applied Functional Medicine. Her investigative spirit drives her to seek knowledge through workshops and courses continually. Coreen believes the body wants to he healthy; it’s just a matter of figuring out each individual’s combination and unlock their healing potential.

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Lauren Suarez

A lover of all things that bring out the best in people; good music, nature, self-discovery, wellness, connection. I love working at IWG and creating a space that instills the value of continual growth and living authentically as the best version of yourself. When I’m not working you can catch me practicing yoga, singing out the open windows of my car, or venturing the world with my main squeeze; Tommy.

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Grace Farren

I feel fortunate to be working in a space with like-minded, health-conscious individuals who share in the goal of bringing functional medicine to the forefront of healthcare. I am grateful to be able to integrate my nutritional & dietetic education with my passion for food. There is nothing I enjoy more than guiding and supporting patients on their journey to greater mental, emotional & physical wellbeing. You can always find me in the kitchen, as in, any kitchen, speaking my love language of food, beverages, and holistic health tonics & tinctures. If I ever do leave the kitchen, I will very happily be snugging my dog babies.

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Client Care Team

Lisa Aragona

I feel so lucky to be able to spend my days working surrounded by individuals who share my passion to educate and heal people every day. Most likely you will find me at home with my husband and two little girls soaking up any downtime we get to spend together. Cooking for my family, spending time outdoors, going out dancing with friends, or learning anything wellness related are some of my favorite things to do.

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Lauren Rice

I find beauty in helping others and am thankful to have that opportunity every day at IWG. In addition to this, I receive joy from being in the salty water of the ocean and watching sunrises in the sand. The fresh air enlightens me and I will never miss a chance to be at the beach.

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Valerie LaBarbera

I love connecting with nature, exploring hiking trails and experiencing new places. You can find me in my free time enjoying quality time with my family and friends, reading and writing. I truly value having the opportunity to help others heal and grow.

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The Bosses aka Management

Marisa Potts

I am lucky enough to combine my passion for Functional Medicine with my drive in business as the Director of Operations at IWG. Some of my favorite things are traveling with my adventure buddy and husband, spending time with my family and friends, expanding my knowledge on all things health and business-related, and my newfound love of pilates. My hope is that the level of care patients are receiving at IWG will soon be the standard of all healthcare.

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Liz Brooks

I believe that the paths to wellness can take many forms and everyone must find what works for them. Listening to podcasts, reading, and running is what I do when I want to improve my body and mind. Spending time with friends and family is what nourishes my heart and soul. Where I find purpose though, is in sharing my knowledge with others to help them find what brings them joy and makes them whole.

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Melissa Rivera

I’m a simple girl who loves being outdoors, connecting with nature and traveling. I enjoy learning and experiencing new things as often as I can. I am passionate about all of the amazing things we have to offer at IWG and love helping our patients to achieve all of their health and wellness goals.

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Booker is a Vizsla puppy who came to us all the way from Ohio. 

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Pappy/Rex is a Vizsla puppy who came to us from Pennsylvania. 

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