Overwhelming Stress for a Professional

Overwhelming Stress for 40 Year Old Professional Woman, an energy case study

Conditions: Low energy, chronic, intense stress in work; difficulty in important relationships

Symptoms: Difficulty in grounding her energy through her entire body; challenges in several important relationships; health issues including kidney and adrenal problems; emotional eating patterns and very few self care habits.

Findings: Overall, her energy system and her patterns of thoughts and beliefs were consistent – low energy, lack of vitality, relatively low self esteem, and desire for happier relationships. She had very weak energetic alignment throughout her body, with most of her energy “in her head” and very little vitality below the arms. This client spent many long hours in front of a computer. She has excellent self awareness and this helped significantly with the coaching and energy aspects of our work together.

Treatment: Sessions with this client spanned over 18 months. Energetically, the first 3 levels of her field were cleared, restructured and balanced. Level 1 is closely associated with the physical condition of the body; level 2 is our emotional level and level 3 is our mental level. In each level, we hold our energy (and blocks) consistent with our thoughts and beliefs about our body, our feelings and our thoughts. Many blocks throughout her field were cleared to help her ground, strengthening of her vertical power current to increase her charge throughout her body/energy field, and her adrenals and kidneys were energy restructured to assist the healing process.

From a coaching perspective, we worked on identifying her wants and needs and how to hold healthier boundaries at work and at home. We explored the dynamics of several key relationships and helped her shift her beliefs about her talents and value as an employee. We worked on slowly helping her to feel deeper into her body over time, to help her be more in touch with vital information to assist her with emotions and her state of mind without becoming overwhelmed. We also worked on some key “triggers” that set off intense emotional experiences and how to metabolize the emotional energy, stay more calm, relaxed and engaged with others.

Conclusion: Overall, the client is in a much happier state. The coaching and the energy work helped her build a stronger “container” – her field, her boundaries, as well as beliefs, emotions, thoughts and behaviors – so she could be more mindful in her choices and develop deeper emotional bonds with people in her life.

She has learned many life management skills which help her be more successful in managing her own self and her day. The energy work helped to accelerate the coaching work by clearing many blocks and strengthening her overall energetic alignment, clearing the path to work on limiting beliefs in a deeper way.

“OMG what an amazingly gifted energetic healer Marijo is! It was such a relief to feel layers of heavy energy lift from my body. This session did so much to bring me back into alignment. So grateful for her gift.”


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