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Reset Your Mindset with Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole and Begin Living a Life You Love

What is Mindset
Learn why mindset is important and the power of having a positive mindset. You'll get the details in part one of the series.
Improve Your Self-Talk
The quality of your life is dependent on the questions you ask yourself. Learn the power of your vocabulary and your internal dialogue.
Set Intentions
Create and design your own life through setting intentions. You'll learn tools how to to implement intentions for your goals.
Embrace Change
Feel more comfortable with new opportunities. Face your fears of change and allow space for new and positive changes.
Improve Communication
How do your loved ones best receive information? Learn how to effectively communicate with friends, family, your spouse, and co-workers.
Reducing Triggers
Learn what triggers mean and how to identify situations that may trigger your to react. Learn how to cope with these situations.

Join Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole in achieving your goals and creating a life you love!

Who are Dr. Nick and Dr Nicole?

Dr. Nick Carruthers and Dr. Nicole Rivera are the co-owners of Integrative Wellness Group in Belmar, NJ. As chiropractors, they believe in a full-body, holistic approach to health and wellness through treating the root cause of pain and illnesses.
Through their practice, they saw many patients improve through different mindset techniques like setting intentions, goal setting, self-talk techniques, and communication skills. They decided to implement the Reset Your Mindset Series to share their tools to others.

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