Programs + Services

The Comprehensive Approach to Healthcare you have been Looking for.

Integrating Physical Medicine, Functional Medicine,

Bioenergetic Medicine, & The Detox Spa

to get to the root cause of your symptoms.

When coming to IWG your healthcare options are endless.

Our Team of Experts will be your guide and customize all treatment recommendations after your case review.  Our doctors are experts in infectious disease, mold/biotoxin illness, and are Lyme Literate.

This is how we do

IWG runs on integrity and compassion to provide high quality care.


We do it because we love it

We are passion and purpose driven.


We do it because we love you

Our purpose is driven by love and compassion.


We believe every symptom has a cause and a SOLUTION

We look deeper than traditional testing does to find the root cause of your symptoms.


We are ready to change YOUR world for the better

We strive to give you the tools to allow you to be the absolute best version of you.


We are here to evolve healthcare

The well being of our families relies on the evolution of healthcare becoming integrative and specific.


We don’t do mediocre

We utilize state of the art technology to bring your healthcare full circle.


We provide a WHOLE-istic approach

Health is not one-dimensional. We look at the whole person and the whole picture.


We don’t guess, we test

We use advanced diagnostics to get you answers.


Trust is key

Your success is in our best interest. We are honest with our clients and always provide you with the details to improve your success.


We are here to support you

We are here every step of the way through your health journey.


This is not for everyone

We are always up for a challenge but we are unable to fully support you with resistance, skepticism, inability to commit, and constant excuse making.


Let’s have some fun!