IWG is setting the standard on how healthcare is being done

We aim to uncover the mystery behind your symptoms.

Our team of experts are in this to make a difference.

At IWG, we believe that there is a cause for every effect which means there is an answer to your array of symptoms.  Most importantly, there is a solution to your cause which will allow you to heal and have the knowledge to prevent it from arising in the future.  

Fundamentally, we believe that no matter what your health challenges are, you have the power to be the key player in your health destiny, by doing so, you’ll change your life.

Functional Medicine Intensive

Our team is (but not limited to) Lyme Literate and experts in Mold/Biotoxin Illness, Hormonal Imbalance, Thyroid Conditions, Autoimmunity, and Infectious Disease.  The doctors at IWG treat complex cases that have not seen success with traditional treatment.  We focus on evaluating your body as a whole and how each system is interacting with each other.  We also evaluate deeper emotional, neurological, and energetic components to illness.

Our practice has advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities that uncover your mystery symptoms.  The approach is comprehensive, scientific, and one of a kind. 

Functional Medicine Basic

Our Functional Medicine Basic is for someone with no major complaints that are looking to have a custom roadmap to feel their best.  Functional Medicine is a style of medicine that uses specific and comprehensive lab testing to find the underlying reasons for fatigue, brain fog, or that annual common cold.  IWG prides themselves on being the most technologically advanced and providing a truly one of a kind approach to healthcare

Physical Medicine

IWG approach to physical medicine includes a head-to-toe approach that looks at joints, muscles, and surrounding soft tissue.  It finds the root cause of your pain or dysfunction and uses a strategic approach to resolve it.  The doctors combine their own skills in Sports Chiropractic, Prenatal Chiropractic, Energy Work, Muscle Release Therapy, Kinesio taping, Craniosacral therapy, with Cold Laser Therapy, Sound Wave Therapy, and Viaderm therapy.

Brain Health

IWG has created a special program to repair and restore the brain’s health and vitality. This program is also geared to balance mental and emotional disorders. The brain is first analyzed by our qEEG technology also known as a quantitative electroencephalography which maps the brain’s overactivity, underactivity, and abnormal brain waves.  The brain is also evaluated for other stressors such as neurotoxins, decreased drainage, inflammation, and infections through multiple diagnostics.

Pregnancy Consult

Dr. Kyle considers every piece of the puzzle and leads families in the direction of their best pregnancy and birth experience…on their terms. By first understanding the needs and wants of each family, he incorporates each aspect of his model to accomplish the most holistic, healthy, easy, and enjoyable outcome for all.

Pediatric Care
A holistic approach to your pediatric healthcare.  A more comprehensive approach to your child’s common cold, digestion, nutrition, and overall health.  IWG provides advanced diagnostics to know exactly what is going on with your child and how to treat appropriately.
The Detox Spa

Our state of the art spa incorporates Infrared Sauna, Herbal Wellness Steams, Ion Cleanse Foot Baths, Craniosacral Therapy, Cold Laser Treatment, and Cupping. Our spa is designed to help you detox in a safe, effective, and relaxing way.

This is how we do

IWG runs on integrity and compassion to provide high-quality care.


We do it because we love it

We are passion and purpose driven.


We do it because we love you

Our purpose is driven by love and compassion.


We believe every symptom has a cause and a SOLUTION

We look deeper than traditional testing does to find the root cause of your symptoms.


We are ready to change YOUR world for the better

We strive to give you the tools to allow you to be the absolute best version of you.


We are here to evolve healthcare

The well being of our families relies on the evolution of healthcare becoming integrative and specific.


We don’t do mediocre

We utilize state of the art technology to bring your healthcare full circle.


We provide a WHOLE-istic approach

Health is not one-dimensional. We look at the whole person and the whole picture.


We don’t guess, we test

We use advanced diagnostics to get you answers.


Trust is key

Your success is in our best interest. We are honest with our clients and always provide you with the details to improve your success.


We are here to support you

We are here every step of the way through your health journey.


This is not for everyone

We are always up for a challenge but we are unable to fully support you with resistance, skepticism, inability to commit, and constant excuse making.


Let’s have some fun!