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Autonomic Response Testing (ART) / IWG Style /

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a biofeedback enhanced physical exam which uses changes in muscle tone as primary indicator for infections, toxins, and even beneficial therapies . It was developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD.

The Purpose

ART is a comprehensive diagnostic system that has helps to find hidden infections and also dictate the best route of treatment for the patient.

The Science

    • The stress response that is used in ART is sensed, organized and expressed by the bio-field of the entire organism and the field of each individual cell. It is most visibly expressed by the autonomic nervous system. All in all, it will find STRESS on the Autonomic Nervous System which includes the central nervous system, the sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system, and the enteric nervous system (gut).  The stressors that are evaluated include infections, toxins, foods, hormones, and medications.
      • This information is taught in the neural therapy courses. When muscle testing is used in ART, the reflex pathway involved when medication, supplementation, or herbals is tested is as follows:
      • Eighty percent of the weight of the ANS is in the fibers of the skin. These fibers are not only responsible for temperature regulation and regulation of skin tone, but also constitute an energetic sensing system which perceives the electromagnetic events and ever-changing field in the surrounding area.
      • This is to act as a survival mechanism.  It is an early warning system to assure and optimize physical safety and survival. It is this system that senses the hand of the practitioner or the medication placed on the signal enhancer.
      • From here in the skin, the impulse travels to the: sympathetic ganglia – spinal cord – brainstem – limbic system – hypothalamus – brainstem – spinal cord – autonomic ganglia – sympathetic fibers modulating the muscle spindle of the test-muscle.
      • When a medication is held in the palm of the hand or placed over the solar plexus, also the parasympathetic are involved.
      • The signal travels from here to the: parasympathetic fibers or ganglia in the blood vessels of hand, pelvis or brain or ganglia in the gut wall and other internal organs – spinal cord – vagus ganglia near ear – brainstem – limbic system – from here arousal of sympathetic and parasympathetic nuclei in hypothalamus and brainstem – down going signals in sympathetics to muscle spindles as above (responsible for muscle testing phenomena).
      • When the Klinghardt signal enhancer is used, the signal is perceived by the entire biofield and down-stepped to action potentials in every autonomic sensory neuron of the physical body.
      • This understanding has emerged amongst the great physicists of the last century and was first described at Columbia University. Later physicists like Ulrich Warnke, PhD and Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD in Germany have greatly contributed to this field.

The Use at IWG

It used with all programs at IWG to scientifically decipher the best treatment protocol.  ART provides the ability to test for the best supplement protocol for the individual. It also has the ability to guide the best therapeutic treatment protocol for the person.  It allows for specificity and positive results within a short amount of time.

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