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A state of the art technology used to amplify detoxification, fight topical and systemic infections, and decrease pain/inflammation. The cold laser is a painless therapy used to maximize results at IWG, laser is included in chiropractic treatment and the functional medicine program. The laser is also readily used in Autonomic Response Therapy.

Who can benefit from this service?

You are looking for a non-surgical to improve any of the symptoms listed below:

  • Your child is battling chronic ear infections or sore throats
  • You are experiencing painful skin lesions from Shingles, Infection, or Dermatitis
  • You have had a recent injury that is not healing.
  • You are someone who is looking for a way to detox without taking supplements
  • You are trying to repair damaged tissue from an injury or even an autoimmune condition like Hashimoto’s or Grave’s Disease.
  • You are trying to decrease swelling or inflammation.

How to get started and What do my visits look like?

So you schedule an initial consultation and examination with one of the doctors.

You tell the doctor all the details of what led up to the onset of your symptoms. They proceed to do a physical exam. The exam is completed with comprehensive neurological response testing that includes muscle testing and brain testing.  You will receive treatment that same day.

What about Continued Care?

On your second appointment, you will meet with the doctors to review the findings from the examination and muscle testing. The doctors will explain the pattern of imbalances and how they will rehab your body back to perfect health. You will then receive your 2nd treatment of cold laser therapy and a care plan for follow up.

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Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate just a small sample of the wide range of clients of clients we’ve supported to achieve lasting pain relief and better overall health with cold laser therapy.

Case Study 1

Patient mentioned during her routine chiropractic work up that she had recently noticed a small spot of shingles appear on her neck. After performing the violet laser for 12 minutes to the affected area, she noticed complete resolvement of her symptoms within only a few hours of her initial treatment.

Case Study 2

A patient currently under care for our functional medicine program has a long history of prostatitis and discomfort. His initial visit using cold laser therapy aimed to help stimulate the neuroimmune system as well as the lymphatic system. A red and violet laser was directed at the prostate, while another laser addressed the brain stem and major areas of the lymph system. The patient reported complete relief of his symptoms for 5 days after the initial treatment.