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A state of the art technology used to amplify detoxification, fight topical and systemic infections, and decrease pain/inflammation. The cold laser is a painless therapy used to maximize results at IWG, laser is included in chiropractic treatment and the functional medicine program. The laser is also readily used in Autonomic Response Therapy.

The Purpose

The cold laser is a non-surgical to reduce inflammation, promote healing, reduce pathogens/infections, and repair DNA. 

The Science

Cold Laser, also known as low level light therapy, uses specific wavelengths and frequencies to promote cellular health while affecting pathogens (infections) with coherent light.  Specific Rife frequencies can be programmed into the Cold Laser to target infections in addition to improving the cells “power house” (otherwise known as the mitochondria) to improve the energy and health of the cell.

The Use at IWG

This technology is used to target and eliminate infections in tissue such as the throat, tonsils, ears, etc.  It can speed up healing of injured tissue by up to 5x faster. The laser can also be used for anti-aging and DNA repair.

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