Cupping / IWG Style /

A method to support detoxification and removal of impurities within the skin and lymphatic system to improve circulation and reduce tension. Cupping is a great compliment to add to your other detox modalities.

Who can Benefit from this service?

You are someone who has swollen glands, brain fog, poor memory, poor concentration, gets sick often, has poor circulation, or just wants to detox. You suffer from chronic muscle tension and are seeking relief from pain. You want a complimentary method to add to your detox program.

How to get started and What do my visits look like?

The first session we recommend is about 30 minutes.  You will fill out paperwork so that our staff knows your goals and areas of focus. Our spa clinicians will use cups on areas of the body you are seeking relief, like the upper and low back, neck, legs, or other areas of concern.

What about Continued Care?

You can join our membership club to access cupping and other services within the spa.  If you are part of one of IWG’s programs, the doctors will recommend the frequency of cupping therapy to reach your goals.

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