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A method of clearing negative emotions and emotional traumas without talk therapy, medication, or surgery. A technique that taps into your subconscious and allows you to clear emotions from a deep place to experience love and happiness.

Who can Benefit from this service?

You are someone who is struggling with negative self talk, self doubt, lack of confidence, depression, anxiety, grief, sadness, or other low vibration emotions. You may have suffered an injury or trauma that is affecting your sleep patterns, energy levels, digestion, or overall well-being. You may be struggling with anger, low tolerance of stress, or be easily frustrated.

You are looking for a different approach outside of talk therapy or medication. You are looking for something that gets to the ROOT of your emotions.

How to get started and What do my visits look like?

Emotional Release appointments are inclusive of multiple modalities and are designed to align with specific patient concerns. The techniques and treatments utilized vary from patient to patient. The first technique (which is Dr. Nick’s preferred approach) is a process that neutralizes strong emotional responses and releases “emotional baggage” called the DeMartini Method.  This method takes the patient through a specific set of questions to fully eliminate any charges that they may have rooted in a  specific trait possessed by themselves or another person. This appointment is usually completed in small groups of 4 or less and are scheduled on Tuesday evenings.  We have found that  participants prefer the small group setting as everyone gets both individual attention as well as learn from each other during the process. Don’t worry, this isn’t group talk therapy!  Dr. Nick doesn’t do any talk therapy personally as he has found that unless the therapist is extremely talented, the neurological plasticity of the event tends to get stronger and therefore worsens the more a stress is brought to consciousness without neutralizing it. There is an option to do the DeMartini one on one if needed.

BioScan SRT is another modality that we use for Emotional Release Technique . This technology is incredibly beneficial to the body as it identifies and reduces energetic stress that the body has been holding in the different meridians of the body. The reduction in stress on the energetic system is permanent if the root cause of the stress has been resolved. f the initial cause of the stress continues to affect the body, the DeMartini Method is needed to fully neutralize the imbalance.  

As science is showing that emotional health also has a direct correlation with the health of the body and brain extra emotional support may be gained through nutrition and detox.  This can be achieved through the supplementation of vitamins, herbs, and homeopathy orally or via our Viaderm technology if needed.  

If symptoms persist, we will often suggest checking the health of the brain’s electrical activity through a qEEG.  If the brain isn’t functioning properly in certain areas, it can create a lot of emotional instability. If this is the case, a person might be better served entering the Brain Health Program to correct potential chemical and electrical  causes of emotional stress.   

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What does ERT include:


Dr. Nick uses tapping techniques to assist in releasing emotions

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy to reset the meridians and improve brain function

Muscle Testing

Tapping into the subconscious mind with muscle testing techniques

Time Line Therapy

Using muscle testing and time line therapy to pin point the first time your experienced a negative emotion


If needed, neurotransmitter support can be provided.

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