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Quantum Touch Energy Healing/ IWG Style /

A style of medicine that uses specific therapies to remove energy blockages that can limit your healing process.

Who can Benefit from this service?

You are someone who has not been feeling your best but is unsure why. You have embarked on other avenues of healing with limited results or you feel like you keep hitting a plateau. You changed your diet, started taking supplements, tried meditation and it doesn’t seem to cut it.  

You also feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. You hang out with friends and/or family and can’t seem to let go of their emotions or hardships. You find yourself worrying about things you know you should be worried about.  You try to get control of your day to day emotions but feel defeated. You may be looking for answers and also looking for a solution to feel better and function better. You want an approach that allows you to understand the source of your symptoms and resolve them naturally. You desire a new lifestyle approach (not another “bandaid”) to take control of your health and start feeling great.  So you schedule your initial visit with IWG.

How to get started and What do my visits look like?

You give the doctor the details of your health history, dietary habits, medications, supplements, and sleep patterns. The doctor will proceed to examine energetic imbalances in the body and allow the body to re-balance to allow you to feel like yourself again. Quantum Touch uses physics to re-balance the body and help you to be protected from absorbing other people’s negative energy.

What about continued care?

After the completion of the session, the doctor would make a recommendation for follow up care. The doctors of IWG have different areas of expertise but they are always communicating and co-managing patient cases. Upon recommending care, the doctors may or may not suggest other services to compliment your goals.

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What's included + how it works

A 60 minute visit that will include an evaluation using different methods of muscle testing. The visits will also include therapy which can include any modalities listed below:

  • All visits are all-inclusive, including therapy techniques such as:
  • Laser detox therapy
  • Energetic laser therapy
  • Intranasal Light Therapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Supplement Recommendations

In most cases, FSA/HSA dollars may be applied to tests and services.

  • Supplements and Detox Programs members choose to purchase through IWG or other retailers
  • Laboratory test costs
  • Most lab tests are fully or partially covered by your health insurance plan
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Sound Wave Services


1st Visit: Initial Consultation & Physical Examination

All ART patients begin with an Initial Consultation & Physical Examination (60 mins) with Dr. Carruthers.

Prior to the consultation, your doctor will review your New Patient Paperwork (including your medical history, diet and supplement survey and assessment forms) and relevant prior lab work.

Cost: $300 for 60 minutes


Getting Healthy is a Family Affair!

Did you know that IWG offers family discounts?

  • 2-3 Family Members – 15% off services
  • 4+ Family Members- 20% off services

Insurance & Pricing- We got you covered! (no pun intended)

FSA’s and HSA’s are accepted at IWG.

You are also able to receive reimbursement with Out-of Network coverage for visits at IWG.  The front desk will assist in the proper documentation maximize your reimbursement.

Worried about insurance?  Ask us about Liberty Healthshare.  

Most laboratory analysis will go through your insurance since we will use your in-network labs, such as Labcorp and Quest, for select testing.  Any necessary imaging, such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRIs, will also go through your insurance by using an imaging center that accepts your insurance.

IWG offers interest Free payment plans for any services!

It is your responsibility to inquire about your coverage for CPT Codes:

Initial Exam and Consultation 99202

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