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A method of treatment that topically pushes supplements and/or remedies through specific areas of the skin. The unit uses acupuncture techniques to support the body in three key areas, biochemically, energetically, and physically. It is different from an average acupuncture, because when you administer an agent into the skin. the skin is a natural time releaser which means the person will have benefit over the course of 10 days..

The Viaderm Therapy may be used in IWG’s Physical medicine, Functional medicine, and Bioenergetic medicine programs.

The Purpse

Viaderm is effective as reducing chronic pain, emotional stress, organs dysfunction, as well as many other body stresses.  The Viaderm pushes homeopathic remedies into meridian points using a needling therapy similar to acupuncture. The therapy focuses on the meridian endpoint because each endpoint works directly with an organ system.

The Science

From very young the concept of how a prism diffracts white light into a myriad of colors, showing the hidden spectrum of frequencies through color has been an inspiration for further thinking and innovation. The color spectrum has been part of our name since we started in the early 1990’s. The stylized “V” was designed during the mid 1990’s and reflects a concept of how a wave can carry rich and complex information. This came from our work in analysing and recording the resonances of substances through advanced technologies we had created. The concept of working with these often invisible, yet integral aspects of everyday life, is central to what we do. It is similar to discovering and expanding on actives in a substance (Spagyric) and evolving a stronger signaling for messenger molecules, therefore potentially better reception by cells. Our work brings us into levels these various metabolic factors, actives and substances may oscillate in and the multiple levels in the human condition they may affect. Through this line of thinking and processing we strive to develop intuitive and living remedies which address physiological through more subtle aspects of human existence.

The Use at IWG

The viaderm therapy uses various homeopathic remedies; each remedy is chosen for a specific focus.  The remedy can be used for pain, for a specific organ, for detox, or even for emotional grounding. The remedy is specific to the patient.  The remedy and the meridian endpoint is determined by muscle testing and will vary patient to patient.


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