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Viaderm / IWG Style /

A method of treatment that topically pushes supplements and/or remedies through specific areas of the skin. The unit uses acupuncture techniques to support the body in three key areas, biochemically, energetically, and physically. It is different from an average acupuncture, because when you administer an agent into the skin. the skin is a natural time releaser which means the person will have benefit over the course of 10 days..

The Viaderm Therapy may be used in IWG’s Physical medicine, Functional medicine, and Bioenergetic medicine programs.

Who can Benefit from this service?

You are someone who has been dealing with chronic pain, emotional stress, organs not functioning properly, as well as many other body stresses. Or you have tried traditional methods of treatment and nothing has worked, i.e. Cortisone shots for chronic pain.  So you schedule an initial consultation and examination with one of our expert clinicians to better serve you.  

How to get started and What do my visits look like?

So you schedule an initial consultation and examination with one of our expert clinicians.  

You tell the practitioner all the details of your current symptoms. The practitioner will evaluate through using our BioScan or Muscle Testing on the best remedy or supplement for your condition. The practitioner will also evaluate which course of treatment, biochemically, energetically or physically will be best for you. From there, they will proceed to topically push the remedy and/or supplement into the area or meridian in need. The procedure takes around 15-20 minutes to complete.

What about Continued Care?

The doctors of IWG have different areas of expertise but they are always communicating and co-managing patient cases.  Upon recommending care, the doctors may or may not suggest other services to compliment your goals if necessary.

What if the treatment doesn’t work?

The doctors of IWG have different areas of expertise but they are always communicating and co-managing patient cases.  If limited progress is made with the treatment, the doctors of IWG will look for other stressors that may be the route cause and recommend alternative treatments to correct the imbalances.

Top treatment protocols using the Viaderm:

  • Pain Management
  • Inflammation
  • Support Organ System Health & Healing
  • Energy/Emotional Blockages
What's included + how it works
  • Initial Viaderm
  • Treatment & consultation
  • BioScan

In most cases, FSA/HSA dollars may be applied to tests and services.

Laboratory test costs

Most lab tests are fully or partially covered by your health insurance plan

Functional medicine Services

Chiropractic Services

Sound Wave Services

1st Visit: Initial Consultation & Physical Examination


All patients begin with an Initial Consultation,  Physical Examination with one of our amazing doctors as well as an energetic evaluation using our BioScan SRT (60 mins)

Prior to the consultation, your doctor will review your New Patient Paperwork (including your medical history, diet and supplement survey and assessment forms) and relevant prior lab work.

Insurance & Pricing- We got you covered! (no pun intended)

FSA’s and HSA’s are accepted at IWG.

You are also able to receive reimbursement with Out-of Network coverage for visits at IWG.  The front desk will assist in the proper documentation maximize your reimbursement.

Worried about insurance?  Ask us about Liberty Healthshare.

Most laboratory analysis will go through your insurance since we will use your in-network labs, such as Labcorp and Quest, for select testing.  Any necessary imaging, such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRIs, will also go through your insurance by using an imaging center that accepts your insurance.

IWG offers interest Free payment plans for any services!

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